VICTORY (instrumental)

Story Behind The Song

This tune just hit me one day. It kept building in my mind until everything was there. Sounds very familiar, but I've racked my brain, and I can't place it, so for now I'm claiming it as my own. To me, it sounds like something you might hear on election night, as a candidate is claiming victory. I can hear it playing as they are approaching the podium for their victory speech. That's why I've titled it "Victory". If anyone can identify it as a tune that's already been done by someone else, I'd love the feedback, then I can either adjust it or can it.

Song Length 2:43 Genre Unique - Soundtracks, Classical - Contemporary
Lead Vocal Instrumental

I love it when people wander from the well beaten path of typical stuff.... this was very enjoyable to listen to. It had not only unique character, ala John Phillip Sousa style, but had a very good melody as well. For the most the instruments sounded good to my ears, although I might suggest a few things in the comments below. Nice job!!

You've got the tune on this one, and it's a catchy one. The arrangement works perfectly with a minimalist intro leading to more instrumentation. It keeps a solid beat and feel. This tune could be used in videos that would feature a march.

This is great.... a real surprise.... This will find a home for sure

I like the main theme of the song. It reflects a typical sound of Parade or a Marching band theme. Nice rallentando of the groove which creates variations in the general mood.

Fantastic!!!All it needs is an orchestrator (telephone John Sousa)..
Seriously,it is spot on..All it needs are real musicians.. Even your attempt at a ritardando at about 43 seconds (there about)... SPOT ON..
Humbly yours

Sounded like a real, albeit small band. The periodic tempo changes were a nice touch. Sounded vaguely military. The cymbal hit/drum rolls at the start set the stage and drew my attention immediately.

I could hear this in the background of any WW1 or WW2 film project.

Excellent marketability. Has a very strong military feel with the pounding bass drum and cymbals. I can picture this during the opening credits of a movie about a military academy or similar. Really evokes that sense of patriotism.

Define "hook" and this piece has it. Very well done! It is like Sousa but with dynamics/ritards and a modern flair that make it different.

Could fit neatly in the right film
Catchy little tune
Well done

Good job. I hear this and I think of soldiers getting off a plane returning from deployment. Very catchy...It's going to be stuck in my head all day.

The Theme reminds me a little of Indiana Jones movies.
The drums are great! Really smashing the track forward.

Song reminds me of a TV show theme song. I listened to your song 5 times and still liked the tune. You might consider adding more/some reverb. Since the tune is repetitious and the key doesn't change/modulate, consider bringing in some trumpets and more woodwinds in subsequent repeats to increase the texture as the song goes along. Perhaps more flute/clarinet/piccolo flourishes--instruments that play in frequencies that are higher than the french horn. Snare drum rolls are great at the beginning, but consider bringing in snare drum hits on the off-beats especially towards the end of the song. Perhaps a climactic snare roll into the final chord.

Definitely soundtrack style music

Sounds really good! I could see this definitely be used for something on tv or a movie

A classical instrumental piece that could be the national anthem of an old country.

Decent hook, very well done instrumentation, simple, does not leave much to the imagination. What you'd usually hear at a parade or ceremony. Has an understanding of part writing and moving from part to part or phrase to phrase.

This would work well for a level in an RPG. Roll playing game. I can already picture it working in a level with a military parade or something. It doesn't do anything particular in expanding on its rooted genre and approach to the patriotic theme... But it does perfectly serve its purpose. Not everything needs to be Mozart. This would be one of those things.

Really exciting orchestral sound at the opening!! Arrangement works really well...builds nicely with the other horns coming in. Maybe could go a bit further? Sounds like something that could be played at a military celebration or commencement!

This "fanfare" has a memorable melodic hook which helps the listener remember the piece. I would consider this composition marching band or neo-classical. It could be used as a music bed in a war movie or historical documentary. The utilization of horns to present the main melody is effective and does well, again, to keep the listener interested.

Imagine using the song in a film where the protagonist strives toward some end. A Very evocative march. To victory, one might hope. The song seems quite useful. Recording is clear. Good melody.

Great piece of music and builds up very well. Nice arrangement, would be ideal in a movie soundtrack. Reminds me of an old war movie.

yes i liked some parts of the instramental. Has a united feel to it.

Rousing military march,I'm imagining the Marine Corps marching to this, simple tune with really good brass band feel. Great stuff.

This started out like a Revolutionary War hymn, which was sounding pretty cool, kind of turned in to a marching band groove. Nicely arranged.

1. The main melody was catchy! I'm currently humming it as I write this review.
2. I feel like you gain inspiration from John Philip Sousa, as he often writes march-like compositions. That's the artist this piece reminds me most of.
3. I particularly like the drum roll in the beginning section; it causes anticipation for the main section.

It sounded very patriotic and felt like a song that would be played at a war hereos parade. The recording was fuzzy, so it had a bit of a glare on it.

Very uplifting feel to this tune. The balance of the instrumentation was perfect. The minor changes in the timing added a nice contrast. This piece exhibited an overall excellent production quality. The length of the composition was just right. This piece should have some commercial appeal.

This song has some very clear uses and is quite commercial. The horns sound great. One can picture many a scene this would work for. Glad it does not fade out, as this makes it more useful for music supervisors. Really nothing to complain about here. Good job, and keep up the good work.

As far as what it reminds me of, The Bridge Over the River Quai comes to mind immediately. Any military march, return of a hero or leader, arrival of a dignitary, or the beginning of a victory celebration.

These kinds of tunes seldom have a memorable melody, and you have done a good job of creating one.

The simple theme has a place and the layering of dynamic additional instrument works.

Should fit well in an action scene.

This piece sounds to me like it was created with real instruments. I would have to say that these are real instruments but may be sampled and may not be performed organically. Whatever the case is, the quality was very well done and I have nothing else to say for flaws or anything. There really are none to be seen.

I really wanted to like this as it reminded me of a military march and I don't think there's been a new one of those in probably a century. That said, I understand the overall mood and the instruments sound good but please take down the base drum. That beat just kills the entire song. Maybe that's how it's supposed to be but I would have preferred less of the bass drum and more of the mid range to maintain the beat.

Great Musical Hook - Bah bah bah...bah bah, bah, bah da dah" It delivered Artist? Hmm Imagine Dragons? "Lite"

Great song for a victory march.

Indiana Jones finale. It's triumphal and fun.

Marching band madness

Great 4th of July Song!!
I was looking for the fireworks!!

nice sound good recording

The cymbal crashes sound remarkably real. This could be a TV Theme...Hogan's Heroes?

Very royal and regal piece. Great work.

Great theme, enjoyable and stirring vibe. This could work really well and I think you've done a great job on this.

Sets the stage for tv/film background. Can see it being used for a parade scene or games.

Sounds like some goofy guy walking down the street after having overcome great odds to win a lopsided victory in some absurd contest. Definitely potential , very appealing melody.

The fanfare sound is really interesting. I like the hook.

This can easily go in a quick scene almost anywhere.... I can hear this on shows like Scandal, a patriotic movie, a cartoon, kids shows, reality tv, comedy, etc.... This is such a versatile track I HOPE it gets placed somewhere for real!!! I feel like I standing in front of the capital or something lol... Or like I'm rallying a the little rascals of the neighborhood together to undergo some heroic task on the block lol..... This is cool... Not sure what you had in mind but I see alot of uses for this!

I absolutely loved this song. Or this band put together. Or whatever it can be called. It really reminded me of the beginning for the ending of a movie somewhat like Police Academy. Or some sort of Comedy police are army movie. Everything was put together perfectly and I have no complaints about it.

Sounds like the score for a Military Parade or a Patriotic Movie or a Presidential song for a some dignitary sounds Grandiose and Majestic!! Sounds fully realized as a musical composition and an excellent piece of Classical Orchestration....someone has been Classically Trained, super Job!!
I wish I could read Music.........

This is a very good piece for a movie soundtrack. Very solid. Strong percussion and brass performance. Perfect tempo for this type of music. You did an excellent job of mixing this. Bravo!

Sounds good.

Not sure I'm qualified to score such a piece of music! A bit out of my comfort zone.

Nice marching band sound.

sounds majestic and fulfilling! well done!..........

This song has a majestic, patriotic feel, very upbeat and fun to listen to. Reminds me of a high school band. Love the horns, flutes and drums.

I like the strident vibe of the tune. It has a classic march feel that is very visual, if that makes sense. The melody is very strong and memorable. I like the arrangement. Nice bridge at 1.07. It's a bold statement..not many Broadjam members would come up with something like this.

sounds like a good song for a military movie or big band for college. I like how you established the hook early and play it throughout. Not sure though.You might want to consider movie or tv for a song like this...or a school. Good job!

sure this one wins you over from the begining!

this track has potential

Well somebody was paying attention to their high school or college marching band instructor. Good job. This song is 2 things in my opinion. It is very Marching and very band done well. decent recording. The layering of the horns was done nicely and the bass drum and cymbal hits were shaking the coffee in my cup. I didn't even have to stir in the creamer. The precision timed bass drum and cymbal hits did all the stirring that cup of Joe will ever need. Well done!!

a little something different on this piece i would label this Country/Patriotic but there is no category for that. i appreciate that vein of thought! By the way Im not sure that this is Jazz, but if you think it is---then by golly it is!

What a surprise - I think you are a highshool marching band, rather good but a bit uneven. The music is very familiar , I am guessing Sousa. Play on and good luck to you all and to your ban.

Very regal sounding band, I love the drums and cymbals - I've heard this song somewhere before but can't place it - very great!

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