ICE MARCH (instrumental)

Song Length 3:00 Genre Unique - Soundtracks, Jazz - Contemporary
Tempo Multiple Tempos

Great Cinematic piece!I Could see it being used in a movie like saving private Ryan or forest gump, when he is looking out over the sea of people while in uniform!
LC Team

Well written unique soundtrack. I liked this because it wasn't over produced with a ton of special effects. Simple to remember melody which could fit a variety of cinematic situations.

Very Unique and a great arrangement

I love this instrumental.# Beautiful work of art!!! Keep going let your music speak volumes

Very good, I like the feel. I feel like writing some lyric for Christmas over it,................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................Keep up the great work!!

Great sound... This will find a home

I like the instruments being used.

Was really surprised by the intro and then how the tune evolved. Great production and mix!

This reminds me of the old Clint Eastwood , John Wayne movies great western sound, Mexico the ALAMO

Very good work! I could see this being used in a documentary of a military nature. Parts were separated nicely and everything was clear and easy to pick out. Good balance. I felt you had a good bottom to the arrangement for this style of music. All in all a great job!

very nice song.

This is a very nicely written cinematic style piece that aligns very nicely with current music for TV opening credit sequences.

I could totally hear this (recut with an orchestra) leading into an episode of a political drama like House of Cards, or even a fantasy drama like Game of Thrones.

Starting at 1:58 to about 2:14, solid part, really enjoyed the "calm" after the much more hectic part before. I feel that this song would really work as an opening credits theme to a film. Either in a sci-fi or a civil war type film. It sounds very militaristic battle march with the strong snare and bass drum.

Movie track, yes. Preparing for a fight, an epic one. I see a lot of efforts put on this as well as a nice creativity. Hats off for this, I am a fan of epic movies and cinematic sounding tracks. Hans Zimmer is my favorite composer, all times, so pls trust in my criticism, please see below, it is all for your improvement ;-) Bravo!

Makes me think of mid evil times and battle scenes. Very Well Done...

Dramatic, rich song, evokes images of conquest on the battlefield or victory in a hard fought athletic event. Could bd in a scene in the movie "Rocky"
I really like the way other instruments for added in to create slight deviations in the musical theme. Especially at about one minute 30 seconds with those drums and bass instruments came in, that was very dramatic. Good work

Good movie soundtrack.

I closed my eyes and imagined a movie while listening to this. Very moving and exercises the listener's imagination! Very very very well done! Please let me know when this makes it to a soundtrack lol

I really like your brass sound! The arrangement is interesting too. The ending is great!

Liked the horn work a lot. The string were also well done

I like the movement of this instrumental, good variety of instrumentation. well conceived ideas. lots of variety after a solitary opening. overall well done.

This puts me in the mind of Pirates of the Caribbean. I like how it builds and grows. This a great arrangement.

WOW awesome job, great song, well done, powerful and moving.

Good song. A kind of dynamic yet velvety sounding march. The melody is well defined. I like the muted quality which gives the song an historic feel. It ends perfectly. (Leaves them wanting more...) Instrumentation is great.

This is really cool music....not sure what I'd call it....soundtrack music? Really well composed and arranged! Would go great in some action scene!

Definitely has a majestic vibe to the song. Would work wonderfully in the right movie. This track would be a great backdrop to the right imagery, which would really make it a powerful combination. The song does well in setting a mood and tempo that captures the listener. Good job.

real nice movie track any movie i could think it could feed into

The theme and arrangement is very cinematic, I like the way it builds. Would fit something epic, swords and sandals type movie.

Now this is an interesting piece. I didn't know what was going to happen from the beginning, but then the song really took off with the main melody and the dramatic percussion. I always appreciate good use of the brass -- which is featured so well here in this track. The song is well written, and it certainly gives me a dramatic feeling which I'm sure is what you were going for.

This is a very nice arrangement. I love the underlying melody and there is a lot of power in the sound, I get great visuals.

I thought the instruments were well played and mixed nicely. I'm not sure who it reminds me of but it was a pretty decent effort.

Beautiful and expressive. I loved the way the flute opened. Very nice.

This piece is a unique instrumental composition. I like the utilization of the brass instruments. It's interesting to hear them take center stage. The minor melodic construct gives the work a mysterious air. This would indeed be well placed in a heroic drama for stage/film/TV thematic scoring. The composition is well arranged. The theme develops nicely as the work progresses.

Familiar melody,seems like I've heard it before. Really good job on this. The instrumentation is excellent and so is the arrangement

This was a pleasant, interesting piece of music. Unique is a
good place for the genre. It has a nice beat, not brass or nasty, but makes you want to daydream. I don't know how many
560 characters are, but if you have to stretch your comments, they lose their meaning. I liked the song, of which I don't like much modern music. Most of it is trashy. This was kind of classy. That's all.

Would work for licensing in drama episodes of tv or filming

I love the solo trumpet lead and definitely the crescendo. Solid track

I liked the composition itself . Its not very complex but it has an nice epic touch and remind me of some cinematics for games, for example.

excelent song, and melody, very memeorable. percussion is great giving the song a diverse feeling. I view this song in soundtrack. really enjoyed listening to it. good work

Loved it? Loved to know what software / hardware you're using. Great film / TV potential.

Sounds like a Scottish victory march...hey, I'm of Irish descent...loved it

I do not usually review instrumentals alone, without lyric. But this kept me on my toes. I like it, its very interesting and I am not at all bored. I am glad this is not a very repetitive instrumental. This has a lot of life. I can feel the movement. I can see this instrument being on broadway musical or some type of dramatic show. The instruments remind me of School Band.

I liked the horns you chose. Also really liked the build when the piano came in. Nicely done!

We love the instrumental and arrangments in this track.

love the choice of instruments used to create this track

Great, versatile soundtrack. Well done.

Pleasantly surprised by this well crafted song. I think I can count on one hand how many times I have written those exact words while reviewing songs. Good work. Nice muted trumpet in the intro and sets up the theme well. All the instruments (I am assuming midi) were played and executed very well. For a minute there I thought that the music could have lended itself to the Braveheart soundtrack but then I remembered that they didn't have muted trumpet back in those days. Lol!!
All in all great work. Keep it up. You should be able to place this song in a adventure flick of some sort in no time. Hope you do if that is goal. Good luck

Would be great in alot of action type films. Very solid song! Great musicianship! Enjoyed! This song would be great as a trade mark for something big! Victory song

Overall I liked this piece... your selection of instruments was appropriate, melody was memorable.

From the very beginning, the songs feel really good. The arranging and orchestration are really interesting and modern with some classic Rimsky Korsakov intent. The choice of instruments and register is really well done. If the sounds were a bit more realistic that demo would be a lot stronger but as a way to show your composition is very good indeed.

Excellent and kind of wacky piece, with a very strong theme. Muted trumpet intros something that resembles War Of The Worlds. Really great unique work!

This is a great example of how a simple melody can be the basis for a very interesting musical composition using appropriate embellishments. The mixing of subtle instrumental voicing with
more dynamic voicings, and the changes of overall dynamics worked very well. There was a lot of content to listen to and digest. The production value of the recording was very good. I listened to the piece several times; it was infectious!

Good. Peace can be utilized in the TV networks home mid evil type of in varmint good overtones good instrumentation a good recording of the negative add peas not to original but there's enough of the market to capitalize on keep up the good work

I liked how you combined the snake charmer music with pop and rock. The ending was awesome. i could see this working in a play with a dramatic scene. Very Good Job!

Great production nice theme and development, well done on the orchestration
It kept me listening and enjoyed hearing the melodies move to different instruments. Enjoyed the mix and thought overall it was a good composition. Sounds like a good soundtrack piece for a period
Piece movie. It seemed to be the right length as well.

Wowza, sounds Giant and ready for a Film Score!! Don't know much about movie scoring, but this sounds terrific!! I am interested to know if these are real musicians playing or if this is recorded with loops? Either way, this is quite excellent!! Good composing, you should be proud of this composition Maestro!!!!

This type / genre of music reminds me of stuff that Andreas Vollenweider did back in the mid 90's

I like the piano parts and the overall feel as to how all the instruments fit together and contribute to the song's wholeness.

Very catchy melody. The snare drum adds an almost erie/war time effect to the overall sound of the piece. Great use of the timpani.

I really like how this song is layered, the drums sound great when they come in however, my favorite part is when the keyboards arrive - very cool sound!

This is really great stuff. It is very original and very anthemic. Lovely musicianship in this. Great changes at 1.20 and 1.56..great use of light and shade there. I like some of the theatrical touches. The listener is entertained throughout the piece.

If this is really jazz, I'd call it "Battle-Jazz." It's the first time I ever heard in this genre that reminds me of Celtic or Irish music. I love the melody line and the majestic-ness of this track! It seems to tell a story and builds so nicely. Perhaps it could make its way into a movie. Obviously whoever created it knew what they were doing and did an amazing job. The hook is extremely memorable. Fantastic job!

This piece of music is expertly executed. It reminds me of a movie battle scene or more likely when the movie goers are seeing the two sides gearing up for battle. There is a warrior type vibe throughout. Excellent!

Interesting sound! Reminds me of marching into some kind of Battle with swords raised! A different kind of sound!

intro that is instant an memorable, well crafted and sets a really good feel to this. Feels like this could be in a war or western film its emotional but strong. The use of trumpet and brass throughout works well. This hook is a really strong one and is really catchy but the overall power of the track and the build to it is well done and can really hear this in film. The music fills your head visually and I love that about it

I love the instrumentation and heavy use of orchestral perc...the marching snare, the gongs, superb elements that fit well amongst the horns & keys.

Could hear this in a movie or drama series. Always great to hear a completely different type of approach to writing. I tend to get stuck in a particular way. Refreshing!

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