Heart Attack

Song Length 3:24 Genre Country - Contemporary


Now when the winds of destruction are havin' their day
Arrows and bullets flyin' your way
Well I've seen 'em hit and I've seen 'em miss
But I've never seen 'em flyin' quite like this

Now you can stand your ground and fight
You can drop it all and run
Start shakin' in your boots
or call 9-1-1

But when a bomb drops
And a heart falls
You had better think of somethin'
Or you're gonna lose it all.

Cause there's no turnin' back
Storms brew as skies turn black
There's no escapin' Jack
This is a full fledged drop dead heart attack
Yeah it's a full fledged drop dead heart attack.

Well when it seems like things
Just ain't goin' your way
Some days it happens
But what can you say?

Well sometimes you win
And sometimes you lose
Sometimes you're the user
And sometimes you get used

Well you can pack it all in
And crumble to the ground
Hide off in the corner
Or fight another round

But when a bomb drops
And a heart falls
You had better run for cover
Or there'll be no hope at all.

Cause there's no turnin' back
Storms brew as skies turn black
Best call the doctor, Jack
This is a full fledged drop dead heart attack

No there's no turnin' back
Storms brew as skies turn black
You best call the doctor, Jack
This is a full fledged drop dead heart attack
Yeah it's a full fledged drop dead heart attack.

The song features vivid imagery like "the winds of destruction" and "arrows and bullets," which paint a dramatic picture in the listener's mind.

The "full fledged drop dead heart attack" line is catchy and memorable, which is an essential quality for a song to have.

The song deals with a universal theme--coping with adversity--which many people can relate to.

The song's structure with verses and a repeating chorus offers good opportunities for musical arrangement, providing breaks for potential solos or bridges.

This song has a really good feel too it. The arrangement, quality of recording, vocals, hook, etc. were all very good. The song keeps your attention throughout and definitely has a Country feel. I enjoyed listening.

Shakin' in your boots, better call 911 - I've never heard that in a song before! Lyrics are stellar all through, really create images and clear and present emotional impact. Found myself entirely engaged while listening. Love the harmonies, stellar!

I really got this on the second listen, it's a fine song with very original guitars going on and organ pumping away throughout. Fine musicianship. I really like the vocal, a good original sound with nice rock edges to it, great harmonies as well. At first I thought the vocal was too far back in the mix but decided it was just about right after listen no 2! Although I put this down as Country it could be rock and it could be Americana.
I like it, it's my kind of music!!

Very well sung.

Solid country in your face. Good story with good singing! Well Balanced production of music and instruments. Well done.

Good sounding and it could catch fire

I like what you are saying. Sounds like old country to me or country rock. You have a little Bob Dylan style in your lyrics talking about changes in the world.

Shades of Free , Steve Marriott , etc ! Great song .

It's a solid song and the mix is excellent. I can hear this in a movie or TV show.

Nice country song with a rock appeal to it. Reminds me a little of Bob Seeger and the Silver Bullet band. Nice lyrics and vocal.

I like the smouldering southern rock feel. I think it will be a good fit for TV and movies. I can see sunset in the bayou this playing as a murder mystery is unfolding and the law is closing in. Nice work.

The country vibe is interesting , it's a good track

I like the intro and the instrumentation. You guys are obviously pros! Nice harmonies.

Love your song, love the production. Great instrumentation and love the melody and ambience of the song. Kudos on a great song, I enjoyed it very much.

The artist remind me of hmm randy houser maybe if I spelled that correct!. The only thing I didn't hear that I was looking for was maybe a breakdown in the beat and let the drummer just kind of rock out as the hook flow and maybe a little more aggressive when singing on some parts just to feel deeper give it more feeling.

Great overall sound...reminds me of Dave Alvin...that full electric guitar sound. Lyrics are completely out of the box...good on you. Very enjoyable listen and so glad you didn't extend the song...as you could have easily done..

These are good lyrics with some good imagery, and they are sung nicely over a driving country/rock track. The hook is strong, and I really like the vocal harmonizing. This is a nice, catchy song!

Enjoyable country tune. The vocals reminded me of Tom Petty. I liked the authentic sound of the instruments, true to their genre, as were the lyrics. Nice work!

Just quality music across the board and ready for music licensing for sure!I see this song in a scene in the movie "Hop Floats"...

LIKE the song and the theme

Great song love the way the melody flows and how the lyrics make you think, positive vibes, Smokey sound with great vibes sweeeeetttttt.

Great Country Rock stuff. Terrific lyrics, well sung with a gritty backing track. Catchy hook in a simple, well structured tune. The theme is generic enough to apply to many different situations.

Nice hook. Lyrics are snappy. :) I like the imagery used. I like the style, and the guitar tones are great. Good voice. This song reminds me of songs I know and like, but is brand new, which I mean as a compliment, by the way. :) Nice job!

Clever lyrics and nice hook; universal relatable ideas everyone can relate to, keep on creating!

good lead vocal

Great song. Guitar riff/appegio is nice

God, I love EVERYTHING in this material - idea, lyrics, arrangement, a record, mixing. Just awesome.

Nice throwback vibe. Reminded me a lot of Dave Grissom and I certainly would call this more Blues Rock than Country. Well played, solid vocals and the mix is outstanding.

Great tune, arrangement and production.

Nice powerful intro. I like the way the instrumentation pulls back for the verses. Great voice and good use of harmonies. First class lyrics and the 'drop dead heart attack' lyric idea is clever. The instrumentation is excellent; solid rhythm section guitar with the keyboard adding another great texture. Well mixed and excellent sound quality.

The intro guitar has a distinctive character, captured my interest right off. Fine vox. Lyrics thematically strong. Accompanying instrumentation solid. A lot of positives heard here. A fine track overall.

Unusual subject but good...........The whole band is playing the same song...like it's supposed to be

Wow, I like this song! There's something simply powerful in the lyric writing. Every single word counts. Every verse is essential and well-written. The writer knows how to say something profound in just a few words...I love that kind of word economy in a song. The great thing about it is that you can apply the words to so many situations. Great rhyming words. back/black/jack/attack - those all work together so well. I found myself singing along - good sign that this is a catchy tune. This song should go far!

Lyrics Michael Baker Music Michael Baker
Producer Stephen Antonelli Publisher Michael Baker
Performance John Doe
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