My First Christmas With You

Song Length 3:21 Genre Unique - Holiday


Now all the bustle begins
It's Christmas-it's Christmas again
While the traffic's backed up for miles and miles
You know they're in a hurry, but I'm takin' my time
Can't you see?

For me it's an end
An end to the doldrums of loneliness
So many Christmases I've been empty inside

Now it's a beautiful scene
As the sunlight gleams
On the new fallen coat of snow

Baby nothing there is
Is quite as lovely as this
It's such a picturesque view
My first Christmas with you

Look all around as you walk through the town
All the joy is so hard to ignore
The smiles are so bright
They could light up the night
But I never noticed before

Cause all of the sights and all of the sounds
Meant nothing at all until you came around

Now it's a beautiful sight as the tree stands so bright
Like a forest of reds, greens and blues
Baby nothing there is
Is quite as lovely as this

My first Christmas with you
My first Christmas with you
My first Christmas with you

A 'real' take on Christmas. Often a lonely and desperate time for some. Until love may find you. Well sung with lyrics to match. Well produced and the vocals and music create room for each other.

Much Feeling in the Voice Nice Waltz!

With a full on intro, this song dives right in to the story of a man whose former Christmases were lonely, but now that he has his (girlfriend/wife), he's not lonely anymore. I gave high marks for originality because I haven't ever heard a song with this theme before. Nice use of alliteration in the lyrics (bustle begins). Lyrics contain vivid word pictures that evoke memories, sights and sounds of Christmas. Nice instrumentation and mix.

This is a nice sentimental song that explores the various emotions of Christmas... before and after finding that someone special to share Christmas with. The vocal is authentic and natural. The 3/4 time also gives this song a certain nostalgic charm... almost like an old country waltz. I could see this used as an underscore to a film/video or even edited for a TV Commercial. Nice.

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