Song Length 4:06 Genre Rock - Progressive Rock, Rock - Progressive Rock
Tempo Medium Fast (131 - 150) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Restless, Stressed Subject Life, Existence
Language English


Well I was wondrin' where it starts
And I was wondrin' where it ends
I was wondrin' if it does
Could we ever make amends
I was lookin' towards the sky
But all I see is gray
I was born to be a dancer
But my feet get in the way

Tell me why-y-y Tell me why
Tell me why-y Tell me why

Well I was hopin' there was rhythm
I was hopin' there was rhyme
I was tryin' to beat the deadline
But runnin' out of time
I was wondrin' all the while
If the light was gonna shine
But clouds just kept on gloomin'
Tell me where to draw the line.

Answer man Answer man
Tell me who's the answer man?
Answer man Answer man
Tell me who's the answer man?

Well it isn't always easy
But it's not always that hard
To secure the information
When the whole world stands at guard
But the knowledge that you gain
Can be quickly swept away
When everything around you
Just seems to go astray

Answer man Answer man
Tell me who's the answer man?
Answer man Answer man
Tell me who's the answer man?

Well I was tryin' to catch a moment
I was tryin' to catch a star
I was flyin' through the clouds
I was wondrin' where you are
Are you here or are you there?
Were you ever really 'round?
Or was I in search of something
Which just was not to be found?

Answer man Answer man
Tell me where's the answer man?
Is he here? Is he gone?
Is he dead? Does he live on?

Good theme....

Strong start and intro.

DRIVES NICELY! Nice recording overall. The vocalist sounds good

The guitar tone, both rhythm & lead, have fantastic tone. The song overall had a really nice structure and flow to it, grooving along without jarring moments that can trip up other songs.
This feels a lot like a blend between Tom Petty and ZZ Top. It's straightforward. It's easy to understand. It's just good with no filler.

I can definitely feel the singer cares for the song, which is so very important. I like the simplicity of the guitar, and even the vocal progression! Lyrics were pretty solid, and I like the chorus.

Reminds me of Norman Greenbaum.

I hear ZZ Top and Joe Walsh. Nice company to be in. Some nice guitar playing and tones.

I like this! I think the message is a very good one. The instrumentation is really good. The vocals are very good also.

Great lyrics

This is great working class rock. It is also one of the most unique, hooky songs I've heard on BJ. Instrumentally gritty: begins with a ZZ Top style riff, then goes into the cleverness of Randy Bachman and Joe Walsh. But make no mistake, you can't place this into a particular is as pertinent now as then. The vocals fit the mood wonderfully. With its universal appeal, this song could fit anywhere, any movie, any commercial, any rock album.

The opening riff is just killer. I immediately wanted to start playing along with you. Great abstract lyrics, this has a very familiar sound that immediately draws you in. It really reminds me of someone but I cannot place who. If this was recorded by Status Quo in 1970 it would have been a smash. Well Done

The opening chord progression followed by a key change into the verse is a clever idea. A little nod to Joe Walsh in the lead vocal (in a good way) is nice.

Hilarious and true lyrics. Perfect arrangement, going into guitar bridges. This thing says to say which artist it reminds me of, but I say this is it's own thing! Good work - keep it up.

Very cool idea, great instrumentation, love the mood and energy.

Great grove from the start, kind of a punk feel with overtones of the Offspring. Interesting lyrics and quality to the sound of the singers voice. I like the broken feel and vibe of the song, interesting arrangement. The overall feel to me is a great nod to the past as it unfolds into the present. Well done I very much enjoyed listening.

Straight and direct. Reminds me of Ozzy's later music. The solo is simple and good, serves the purpose. Vocals are very different from what one gets to hear these days.

Nice bright message ........ Beatle's ....ish

Good overall rhythm

Nice clasic rockish song with a groove that makes me think of Steve Miller, and some cool vocal layering that is very 70s Sabbath/Ozzy. A good listen, I enjoyed it!

This tune has a very ZZ Top kinda feel. Very cool!! Love the dry lead vocal and stereo chorus vocal contrast. Simple but well done!

Great lead guitar opening riff. A bit of a Tom Petty feel from the vocalist. He really has some solid vocal talent and enhances the feel of the song. Strong mix and instrumentation, nothing outshines anything else which allows the listener to really absorb the entire track. Well done

get a real Joe Walsh feel from this - solid production with good instrumentation. Groove moves right along, nice drum tone and solid mix.

Joe Walsh would be proud, but probably sing it Seriously, really fine instrumentation on this with a very memorable hook. Lyrics a bit cryptic but that's why you need an "Answer man" right?

The vocal is STRONG. I LOVE the bright "ah" vowel on tell me "why." It is a very unique vocal sound, and I'm so impressed with your confidence in it...because of how unique it is. The four and the floor, straight forward rock sound is money. The quality of the recording is really great, whoever you worked with (if anyone) to achieve the sound you did made it work. I love the vocal going up an octave (or maybe its a key change) after the instrumental. Really, there is a lot of good stuff here. Keep it up.

Big Joe Walsh feel in the vocal. Nice nasal quality to the vocals. Good hook. Guitar tones are jolly good as well. Thick and creamy. Nice playing throughout. Nice melodic solo section that almost gets prog-rocky with the syncopated bits. The final modulation drives it home. The counterpoint vocal at the end is also a really great touch.

Really nice track! I liked the whole vibe and direction of this track. This was somewhere between the genres of rock, Folk, Delta Blues, and Country, which are not the genres I usually listen to, but it sounded like a cool new blend of them all. I think your lyrics and voice inflection really give it a kind of experimental twist to it all too! So, thats why I settled on labeling it as "New Age". I know for sure I could hear this on "Coast to Coast" AM Radio, or a Bill Nye the Science Guy episode. Fantastic recording sir.

I think the instrumentation is great - really feels like a modernization of the quintessential "classic rock" sound. The guitars sounded strong, in particular. With this sort of song, I really want those to feel front and center in a few places without stepping on the vocals, and I think you managed to do that really well.

Solid meat-and-potatoes rocker! Good work.

Excellent retro groove, with a vocal that reminds me a lot of Joe Walsh. Strong feel and Classic Rock all the way. I could hear the instrumental version of this in film/TV scenes right now with no adjustments. This is the kind of song I can listen to all day.

I like the idea and the transitions between song parts. Simple and clean yet has enough of a hook to keep you interested. The vocals are interesting, kind of a mix between Ozzy and Lower range Dio, solid run through and would love to hear more.

The track is mixed very well and the opening instrumentation sets a great tone and encourages the ears to stay tuned for something good! Nive solid guitar work, clean no overplaying really nice!

Cool song. Simple but nicely done. Song kind of speaks for itself. Reminds me of Joe Walsh. Its really simple but well done.

Love the instrumentation. Great tune, and song.


Philosophical questions in a song are interesting this song qualifies as interesting. The arrangement is straight forward and has no problems.

Good classic rock feel with a theme toward the "answer man." Has a feel that borders a cross of Green Jelly and Ozzy Osbourne. Not mainstream rock, but could certainly find a home in a punk rock themed film or equally with a loyal fan base regarding CD sales.

Really great sounding track! The recording is clean and crisp. Well played and arranged. BG vocals are mixed just right. Vocally, everything works. Lyrics are clever and have a fun darkness to them.

This is a good, clear production - easy to understand the singer. The instruments are in balance with the vocals, and the instruments are in tune. There are some good lyrics that stand out, and I think the writer has potential.

I just like the song and the singing and the track. I make similar style of music, what I call mid-volume American Rock, and I am pretty sure that our appeal is limited and that this kind of music (like mine) is a dying art form, but I love this style.
I would like to hear more by this band. I really dug the way they put their tracks together and I liked the sound of the vocals. The words are cooly grown up. Hey, sorry, but I have actually played this track a few times. Much better than everything else I have reviewed.

Nice record overall

Great lyrics, well done to who wrote them. Really great track. I like the bridge and the key change. This is quality stuff. Great job.

What stood out to me and had me imagining the potential for this song becoming a rock classic was the introduction and how that chord progression was played on the guitar. I think the progression and the sounds really have some potential if the vocal had more syllables in the lyrics and maybe some more energy.

Well written, well crafted. Great production. Very good vocals. I'm feeling a great Woodstock Rock vibe here.

Not bad recording quality, with some exceptions, The drummer is good and the instrumentation seems together.

I like everything about this song, original idea and lyrics, great instrumentation.

It's rock/folk rock right from the go. Drums are thick and smacky, and bass sits well with the right amount of nose in the mix. The guitars have been blended well.
I really liked the chorus/turnaround which starts around 2:15 and runs to around 2:50. For a bar or two the song pulls a certain feeling off. Kind of Styx 1978.

seems to go astray...then that dynamic dip...very cool...and a nice chord change after that...

Nice, instruments,and lyrics

nice blues feel. i like the vibe of the shuffle.very well recorded. well written. i like the rock groove as well. veeeeery cool Alan Parsons kinda bridge. that was my fav :) well done. youve got a great grasp of the studio side of it. dont forget to enjoy being a musician

would be more popular to REM fans or the like

Guitar work is excellent!Definitely 60's-70's in style!

Excellent mid range R&B tune.

Right away I think of Neil Young. Vocal reminds me of Joe Walsh. Two of my favorites. Melody is very familiar in parts which is good. Catchy hook. Song has all the elements for a great song. Good live tracks, sounds like an actual band and that is amazing! I like the vibe, tempo and arrangement. The mix sounds pretty good in the verse sections.

Good rhythm guitar track...kinda Tom Petty-ish

"Answer man"!! Great lyrics throughout the song..

Including these
"Or was I in search of something
Which just was not to be found?"

nice lyrics and the production is nice too

Who's the Answer Man - great hook. Little bit of a James Gang feel to the music.

It's all "good" just lyrics are not all that interesting. Makes the hook a bit confusing for me.

It Starts out pretty good Then the vocal comes in and it get pretty shaky, but with some coaching
in a couple of key areas i think it could be used for a t.v show or something.
keep up the good work!

song is catchy. Instrumentation is simple but effective. Voice is

Good lyrics really capture that the singer is questioning life.

I like the voice - great accent and I enjoyed the lyric. Moments of prog - Cardiacs....I felt that the voice gets better as the track goes on and the singer seems to relax. Good stuff. Nice hook in the chorus. Enjoyable.

Classic rock always in need. I believe there is more opportunities for this music.

The general sound is powerful and I like the mood. The main guitar is really good.

Nice lyrics
good track
All the best

Nice rock tune. Instrumentation is good. Nice solid and balanced production.

No I didn't like any thing about this track. The instrumentation was nothing that I haven't heard before and on top of it the recording quality is totally lacking in value.

In my opinion you're going to need to work harder with song ideas and developing song hook ideas. Also, may I suggest that you spend and equal amount of time learning how to record your music so that it's clear, has dynamics and balance.

You grabbed me from the beginning of the intro. Interesting transition from the intro to the verse.
The instrumental break had a progressive feel to it, which contrasted nicely tho the rest of the piece. The instrumental to vocal balance was very good. I liked the simple lead guitar track behind the vocals during the refrain.

A bit Dave Edmunds - old pop rocker from the UK in the 70's. A bit Ozzy Osborne too. Catchy chorus.

I really like this, it is quite different. The voice really suits the song and the lyrics are interesting and catchy.

I love the general feel of the song. From the first drum beat, there is a drive to it that has me tapping my feet and nodding my head. The vocal style is very reminiscent of Tom Petty. The harmonized guitar solo is a nice sound without being too flashy at all. The back-up vocals are very complimentary and do some neat stuff behind the melody. Nice!

For me it's sort of Southern Rock mixed with Jethro Tull if that's possible. (Southern Prog Rock?)

Nice job fellas! You've done a nice job on this ive heard this before somehow--somewhere!

thought the quality of the recording, the vocal, instruments and arrangement were excellent. I liked the retro sound..not sure if this was done specifically for this song or if this is their style all the time.

Really liked it - had a ZZ Top vibe in some ways - vocal is Joe Walsh -ish - all good

you had me from the first note..
great sound, vocals, lyrics and hook!
arangement and performance superb!
well done!

And so Tom Petty has come back from the dead? It's very catchy, in a non trite way. The refrain works very well, and the verses are dense and intriguing, pressing. Interesting guitar work in the middle. Clever countermelody in the coda. Congrats.

Keep rocking

Answer man - what a great hook! The harmonies really augment it! Fantastic rock band instrumentation. I got a kick out of the verses. Asking questions leading up to the chorus works great. I love the clarity of your vocals. Best lyric: Born to be a dancer but my feet get in the way. Lots to smile about here. hard/guard away/astray you've got some pretty cool and original rhymes. I'm not a rocker, but I like your song! Tight band; fantastic vibe. Keep up the good work. I like the CONSISTENCY of your lyrics (word economy, accents, etc...nicely done!)

Great intro riff to set the scene. Great chord change as the first verse comes in. Lovely instrumentation. Strong lead and backing vocals. Catchy chorus. Crystal clear sound. Well mastered. Reminds me of The Steve Miller Band.

Don't listen to this genre of Music, but it's very campy and I love the Lyrics, So that's A Way High Five for ME!!!
Has a Neal Young feel vocally and musically...very Cool!! I can see ol' Neal Jumped around with Crazy Horse having a Grand old time!!! Actually, in hind sight....I may have become a huge Fan of this Crazy Bunch of Musicians......I'm humming this melody as I send this review..GREAT JOB DUDES!! This isn't PowerKlash is it???

Lyrically this is original and the tone of the lead vocal is unique. This is a common chord progression that you have made work well for you. Clear recording and I really like the harmonized guitar solo.

Fun tune. Good job. You had me fooled for a second because rite when the song starts the guitar does a little something I've heard Billy Gibbons do during the early ZZTop days. The pre Eliminator ZZTop. So I thought Hell Yah someone is doing an old ZZTop cover, but then I heard the late Tom Petty start to sing ZZTop was no more. Very cool!. At moments the singer sounds quite a bit like Mr. Petty. And that is a good thing.. The musicianship was on par as was the overall sound of the recording!
All in all the work you put into this song can be heard and it paid off. Nice!!!

Very cool sounding Rock Song - I love the sound of the drums and the rhythm guitar and lead guitar.

"Answer Man" is a really thoughtful 70s-type rocker with really good lyrics and performances, as well as professional production. I could definitely see it fitting into the 'perfect place' in a film, television or web series.

Lyrics Michael Baker Music Michael Baker
Producer David Prescott Performance Michael Baker
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