Welcome to the music page of composer, writer, musician and singer Brenda Craven. Coming from a family line of musicians including an uncle who was a drummer with the famous Jazz great, Jay McShann, Brenda's heart is music. While she is a avid lover of all genres, Jazz is where she finds her niche. She creates music that promotes calm, relaxation and emotion without going overboard with all the extras that can overpower her music. Anyone who listens to her creations can immediately feel the love and passion that she has for music, and without a question, will know that she is here to stay!!!

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Brenda Craven

Brenda Craven
Rocky Ford, Colorado is home to Brenda Craven, a musician who crafts stunning examples of jazz, gospel and electronica. Her versatility is a mark of her ability and she provides the proper degree of soulfulness for each style and executes them all with joy and verve.

the doctors are wrong. Blood doesn't run through everyone's veins. There are some people who, if they needed a transfusion, would require shelf music. Craven is such a person. "Music is my life. It's in my blood. Both my mother and uncle were professional musicians, so I grew up with a heavy exposure to it," says Craven.

What Lies Beneath
A person could technically take a string of notes that forms a melody and toss in some beats, slap it on a CD and call it music. But, that wouldn't be entirely true. The true heart of music is found in the passion, such as that of Craven. "Music is more than just a rhythm and notes. It's a way of expressing your feelings, your emotions. It allows others to experience your joy, your pain, your sorrow, your love, and your message on a much higher leverl...and can definitely break the barriers. Music is ultimately the universal language."

True To Self
Another vital part of musical greatness is artistic integrity. It requires emotional honesty and intimate self-expression to find the fullness of music's thriving lifeblood. "Music should be who you are...not what others want you to be!!!" Because Craven stays so true to herself and doesn't hold back when it comes to self-expression, her music rings with a power rarely felt in the musical world.

For Love of Music
Obviously, love - true love - of music is another required quality of the finest musical artists. These are the people that seek not only their own success, but who rejoice at the achievements of other musicians because they know it means that music continues to thrive and grow in the world. "Seeing other artists succeed inspires me." Craven also cites family as a motivator in her creative process. "Influences are, or course, my mother, my uncle - who was a drummer with Jay McShann...and all artists have influenced me in some way."

Craven has completed a smooth jazz CD called "Origins", which was released in 2004. She is at work on several new projects at this time.

The finest music pulses with passion and purity. Having said that, one must recognize just how strong is the heartbeat of Brenda Craven's work.

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over 30 days ago to Brenda Craven


Margie & Art Corey
over 30 days ago to Brenda Craven

Dear Brenda, Just heard your most exquisite tune, "Triumphant", love the Groove on your tune!! Are you playing all the instruments or Loops on this tune?? Great arrangement!! We write similar styles of music, would love to connect with you thru Broad Jam?? We're ready......if you're ready, JUST PUSH CONNECT! Hee Hee!
Be Safe and wear a mask!
Margie & Art Corey............

2 Replies
Brenda Craven
over 30 days ago

Hi Margie and Art.
Though I do actually play most of the instruments in real life that you hear on this piece, everything you hear was created on my Triton Workstation. Each part was individually played by hand on the keyboard and mixed. Someday, I would like to have all the appropriate equipment to play everything live, but until then, the Triton will just have to do. Thank you for listening to Triumphant!

I thought we were already connected...I will definitely connect.

Brenda Craven

Margie & Art Corey
over 30 days ago

Wowza Brenda, your ability to play all those instruments on your Triton Workstation, is some real Magic!!
Toodles & Stay Safe!!
The Corey's

Emmett North Jr.
over 30 days ago to Brenda Craven


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