Praising The Lord Review:
Randal does it again....a creative topic. I like the way you cited all the guys who stood up for the Lord and were not afraid to die for him. As far as I know this is the first time I have ever heard a song written about this subject.
Nice harmonica!
- Kate Carpenter

Randal Dunkle is a Contemporary Christian Singer/Songwriter/Musician. Contact him at

This Old Cross Review

I can instantly sing back your chorus, which is not only important, but the highest compliment I can give a songwriter.

This is a good worship song, and I can see it being used as part of a ministry to great affect. The vocal sounds heartfelt and sincere, and the singer has good pitch and delivery. A few tweaks (listed below) and I think the market appeal could be improved greatly.
- The Bitter Elegance

Thank A Vet Review:

Randal!! This is cool--there's a really authentic 60's vibe on the guitar with great tone and cool parts. The vocals are urgent, and I like the move away from purely religious lyrics. The guitar solo has a Neil Young kinda primitive power and intensity. Really nice work Randal --this is impressive!!
- Jeff Roberts

Salvation Song Review:

This song carries a bit different feel than most contemporary Christian music. It is very Earthy, sort of bluesy and folksy, but with an almost overpowering beat. Sounds like something that might be good for a revival setting, although I am not sure that was the goal. I like that this artist took a fairly simple melody and kept it that way. Very tempting to go over the top, but the simplicity is a good deal of the charm of this tune.
- Jason Kessler and ProRS

Merry Christmas (from out here o

Good storytelling. Reminds me of Dylan mixed with a little Springsteen stylistically. Like the instrumentation and arrangement.
- Heather Edwards

Reach out your hand review:

Lyrically it's really strong. The vocalist sings with real conviction. The rhythm guitar has a lovely tone. I like the indie vibe of the song. There is an hypnotic quality to the song. Powerful outro.
- David James

Forgive us when we forget:

This reminded me of Tom Petty. This is a reverent Christian Rock/Pop song. The strongest element of this song are lyrics. The simple words and simple message are really well executed, there are a couple of really subtle alliterations that show the writer has a really talent for creating simple pictures with words. The lyrics are also consistent and continue to "prove the chorus" It's also a current inditement on the times we live in and we forget to reflect on the beauty around us "The bird in tree singing a melody" The voice is thin a shaky and has a vulnerability to it that makes it endearing.
- Dylan Buckle

Only the rocks live forever:

Hi! Good stuff overall--you have a cool alt/rock kind of vibe going on. It kinda reminds me of a mix of the Mighty Mighty Bosstones and Bad Religion back in the day.

I dig the guitar tone this song has. It sets up a good base track from which I think a great song can come out of with a few tweaks here and there.

- Mike McCullough

Another Door Review:

screams clapton to me- good progression-i dig it-wasnt overly messagy-liked the drum sound- and your voice dylany with dead infuence
- Monk Abrahms

Praising The Lord Review:

Randal does it again....a creative topic. I like the way you cited all the guys who stood up for the Lord and were not afraid to die for him. As far as I know this is the first time I have ever heard a song written about this subject.
Nice harmonica!
- Kate Carpenter

Jesus is the only hope I see rev

A simple rock song with a strong message. Keeping things so lean instrumentally, with that soulful vocal, really works here. In such a great way. Great lyrics, a guitar part that never gets in that way of those lyrics and sang with enough feeling to make you really get it. Great stuff here.
- Billy Pilgrim

Christian Walk Review:

The song sounds like a Tom Petty or David Bowie style. The vocalist sounds sincere and the lyrics make the theme apparent right from the beginning. The arrangement is good; varying the verse, change, and chorus, which keeps the song interesting. The length of the song was good, which allows a listener to enjoy the song, but ends before it overstays its welcome. Overall, this is an interesting and powerful song.
- Prejippie Music Group

His Name Review:

Beautiful lyrics, really makes you want to hear the whole song. One can imagine a music video for this song. If this is sang by a strong vocalist it will be a hit. Very inspirational song with good arrangements, harmonies would add a great value to this song and take it to a WOW level. Well Done this is truly a beautiful song.
- HunTer

Thought you were an angel review

The melody is great, very commercial. Strong lyric...I liked the 'blue eyes' theme linking to the angel idea. The vocal suits the song really well. The song is dynamic. I liked the introduction of the keyboard at 2.08. Shades of Tom Petty about the song.
- David James

Bus To Paradise Review: Sandra A

I love the lyrics first off. Second the effect on the guitar really draws you in i love it. I have heard this voice before it is unmistakable who it is... Definitely making his voice heard and the world will know who he is soon enough!
- Sandra Ada

Hold On Review: Dylan Buckle

The production is solid, its definitely in the AOR genre. It reminded me a great deal of Tom Petty. I like the fact that the vocal is very intimate and up front in the mix. There are no harmonies or backing vocal which also add to the intimacy. Clearly this is well recorded and both the artist and engineer have been clear about what they want to achieve. It was a clear and simply lyric and idea and that deserves 10 out of 10.
- Dylan Buckle

Who's gonna turn on a light revi

Randal, the king of Religious Rock!! I hear the concept, and it's good even though the recording is rough. The vocal phrasing, melody and lyrics are really working well. This is a breakthrough in your work I think--there's a sophistication here that's new and very cool.
- Jeff Roberts

Golgotha Review: Kate Carpenter

Here's a great song about Jesus' suffering and death on Golgotha. Randal Dunkle writes about things that no one else writes about, and does a great job of telling the story of Jesus in an original way. He takes scripture and weaves it into a rhyming story using original lyrics and rhymes. The song has an evangelistic thrust, urging the listener to trust Jesus as Savior. Nice instrumentation.
- Kate Carpenter

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Bob Bentley
over 30 days ago to Randal Dunkle

Hi Randal,

many thanks for the stars on Remember Last Summer, very much appreciated.


2 Replies
Randal Dunkle
4 weeks ago

Your welcome Bob, great professional sounding song!

Bob Bentley
4 weeks ago

Thank you.

Creative InRoads, LLC
over 30 days ago to Randal Dunkle

My apologies taking so long a time to listen. Between cancer treatments and starting a new company with Thierry Coupey I'm just now attempting to get caught up. Best Regards - Peter. . .

1 Replies
Randal Dunkle
over 30 days ago

Hey Peter, no worries man - I hope and pray that your cancer treatments will work out for you. I pray for your physical, mental and above all your Spiritual well being during this time. May you see with God's heart and may the road rise up to meet you.
Best wishes to you and your family Peter.

Thanks so much for 5 stars on "Cant Stop The Love". I so appreciate you taking time out to take a listen to my tune. Thanks again!

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