Winner of SongwriterUniverse "Best Song of the Month" for October 2011 for the song "Witness to Greatness."

The song "Harbinger at Dawn" has been picked up my a "Major Cable network" for use on their programming.

"The enriched acoustics and airy strings make The Faint Whisper Calling... a soundtrack unbound to a time or season. It could accompany me on the long, forested drive to my parents' home; it could carry me through a rough winter night inside. All in all, a riveting album by an artist I hope to hear more from soon." Rift Magazine, August 2009

I am singer/songwriter from the Twin Cities. I am in the midst of promoting my latest EP entitled "Million Miles Away." I am looking forward to making as many connections as possible. My goal is to put my music out into the world whether I am playing it or not.

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Thank you to all who have reviewed my songs, I am determined to perfect my craft with your help.

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In reaction to the completion of his first full length, "The Faint Whisper Calling...", Ash St. John says simply: "I got lucky". While elaborating on his luck, the Minneapolis singer/songwriter doesn't give himself an ounce of credit on his digital debut that is absolutely extraordinary. "I stumbled upon a young producer who's unbelievably talented and kind, and a friend of mine who had a vision and found a solution to get my stuff out there on the skinny budget". Just the type of humble words you become accustomed to hearing from Ash. He is heartfelt, he is honest, and incredibly talented.
From the album's airy opener "North of the Cities" you quickly settle into the
subtle production of "The Faint Whisper Calling...". Violins, pianos, electric guitars, and tasteful percussion complement the warm acoustic guitar tones that sail underneath Ash's unique vocal delivery. There is a strong sense of personal
transformation and growth that encompasses the album. St. John
does not shy away from wearing his heart on his sleeve. The
maturation of Ash St. John in his patience and songwriting is
astounding. Given an honest listen, you'll find honest songwriting.
Given a handful of listens and you'll be hooked.
Ash St. John began his musical journey more on the Mozart
end of the musical spectrum than Led Zeppelin. Classic Rock and
Blues heavily influenced Ash to put down the violin for a while and
learn the guitar. During a fateful two week period when Ash was
15 years old, Ash picked up a left handed Telecaster and began
to pluck away at "Stairway to Heaven." From that moment
forward, there has been a calling beckoning Ash to pursue this
lifelong dream of recording an album. Without further adieu...
download "The Faint Whisper Calling..."and enjoy!

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Crosseyed Miles
over 30 days ago to Ash St. John

Hey Ash, nice all around on "Witness"..I dig it ~GP

4 Replies
Ash St. John
over 30 days ago

Thank you so much! What an unexpected compliment. I'll be sure to check out your stuff, any song you like best?

Crosseyed Miles
over 30 days ago

Ive only listened to a few tracks but the one I aforementioned for sure. I'll listen to a few more tonite & add some to my playlists ;)

Ash St. John
over 30 days ago

Thanks for listening but what I meant was that I want to hear your music. Do you have a favorite song of yours for me to hear?

Crosseyed Miles
over 30 days ago

Oh lol my bad! Well I only have 5 tracks on so far and im biased but I like all of them! :)

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Brent Hoffmann
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over 30 days ago to Ash St. John

Songs sound great, good luck to you!

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Ash St. John
over 30 days ago

Thanks a lot man, really appreciate the words.

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