We record the rhythm section in a live setting. The drums, bass, and acoustic guitar are recorded in analog on 16 track reel to reel. Scott Tingley: vocals, guitars, keyboards. Stacey Allison: lead and harmony vocals. Michael Junkroski: keyboards, piano. Bill Gouley: fiddle. Trevor Cottrell: bass guitars. Darrell Nutt: drums and percussion. SPECIAL GUESTS: Melissa Hoffman: flute on "Caroline In Wonderland". Caroline Tingley: flute on "Lost Love". Jon McGraw: congas on "Beauty Parlor Magazines". Orlando Segarra: congas on "Blue Moon's Light" and "Dancin' Soul to Soul". Horns arranged by: Michael Junkroski. Strings arranged by: Junkroski & Tingley. Produced by: Anthony Iannucci Co-Producer: Scott Tingley Engineered by: Chad Zuchengo, Eric Bocock, and Hamp Walker. Digitally mastered at Unity Gain Recording; Fort Myers, FL. Member of ASCAP. 

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I have completed my album called Searing Technicolor. All of my music can be downloaded for free. I am hoping to be back in the studio real soon with friends to record a couple of new tunes.

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Contact; stingley0@gmail.com

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It would be senseless to try and categorize me with the greats of the music industry as a "similar artist ". With that clarification, I have always been a huge Beatles' fan. In their 1990's anthology, they somehow managed to open the gates of Heaven for a brief reunion. Legends Marvin Gaye, Hank, and many others are well stocked in my collection. The King, Gregg & Duane Allman remain my favorites. Through their music, they all tell of the joys and hardships of life on this earth, and of that to be...


Rock and Roll, Blues, and a Folk/ Country fusion are the major influences on the style of music I write.


My musical experience is a compressed compilation of 15 songs I wrote from April of 1999 through June of 2001. During that inspired and wonderful period, I was able to write as never before. Sadly, the songs were performed in the studio after the tragedy of 9/11. Otherwise, I would not have been able to compose such a bunch of carefree tunes. They felt out of place. I do extend sincere thanks to the players who make this musical project possible; Stacey Allison on lead and harmony vocals, Darrell Nutt on drums, Trevor Cottrell on bass, Bill Gouley on fiddle, and Michael Junkroski on keyboards. Each has their own musical career, and I am fortunate to have "snagged" their talent. I am especially thankful to have been allowed the opportunity to co-write a song with my oldest daughter, Melissa. We wrote and performed together with the band a song for her younger sister called "Caroline in Wonderland". Most of all thanks be to God and to my wife, Blanca. Thanks for listening, more songs on the way...


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Bill Dake
over 30 days ago to Scott Tingley

Hi Scott,
Thanks for the 5's for Pale Vanilla Moon. Appreciate the support.


Hope all is well Scott! Thanks very much for your time on listening to "Ambient Jazz Pop Cinematic Piece 1". I appreciate the comments and score.

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Scott Tingley
over 30 days ago

My pleasure Steve, hope all is well for you.

Thanks Scott for nice review on 'No One Loves Me Like U Do'. Thanks for your time!

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