What we are...

POPAS is an indie project made up by people who no longer believe in the phrase "what the public wants..".
Formed in September 2006 by Marius Popa (Spin, Latin Express, Jukebox, Foisorul de Foc), the band has the following composition:

Marius Popa - vocals
Laura Luchian - vocals
Bogdan Giurea - guitar
Florin Serban - guitar
Gabor Pal - drums
Nelu Nicolae - bass
Gabi Pindici - keyboards

The songs on the first album, "Flickering Hostile", have been entirely writen, music and lyrics, by Marius Popa and have quite different styles, from funk to rock passing through pop. The songs are interpreted with the same naturalness as in a pub concert.
It is a sincere music based very much on message.
The songs were written and recorded in a period of about 2 years and have no computer generated sounds.
The album is available in Romania and Europe and Popas Music Production is its main producer.
Marius Popa says "We choosed to make an album that sounds quite old because I think we move away from the essence.
People use to perform with electronic issues before learning to play well, with real instruments, with affection and that is a shame!
Music was designed to feed the soul!
We evolve, fight, die and we do not observe that our spirit is fading slowly. I stop my evolution to nothing here! I still have emotions and feelings left inside me!".

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