Most passionate, unique vocal expression

Blues - Modern
Plays: 436
Jo Ann Hudson
Down So Low - Tapes From The Basement
Blues - Country
Plays: 168
Julia Schmidt
Why not dance with me
Jazz - Smooth Jazz
Plays: 147
Cyndi Corkran
I Ain't Goin' Nowhere
New Age - Alternative
Plays: 345
Greg Lambert
Lost Inside My Heart (Julia Schmidt Vocal)
Pop - General
Plays: 514
Al Hovden
The River
Folk - Contemporary
Plays: 393
Ben-Jamin' Project
Don't Go Away
R & B - General
Plays: 336
Ronald Arduini
Sweet Margarite
Jazz - Bossa Nova
Plays: 223
Hank Thomas
One Foot Out The Door
Country - Rock
Plays: 148
Cyndi Corkran
My Love for You ~ with Junior Murrell
Pop - Rock
Plays: 373
Margie & Art Corey
A Lonely Place In The City Margie & Art Corey
Jazz - Lounge
Plays: 86
Cyndi Corkran
I Wish You Wouldn't Leave ~ with Trinity
Pop - Europop
Plays: 360
Osea Codega
Make me feel
Pop - Dance
Plays: 807

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