Unique dramatic life events songs

Susan Witzel
Johnny's 29th Birthday
Rock - Alternative
Plays: 1,021
Susan Witzel
The Seat Next To Mine
Pop - Rock
Plays: 857
Susan Witzel
Poor Girl In A Rich Kid's Town
Pop - Classic
Plays: 231
Abram Band
Calling Mankind©
Electronic - Ambient
Plays: 266
Folk - General
Plays: 569

I'll Give Myself An A! (with vocals)
Unique - Children
Plays: 94
Anthony Prezio
Mirror 6
Pop - Easy Listening
Plays: 153
calvin mcfarland
Tears on My Pillow (cover)
Pop - Classic
Plays: 47
Temptation Eyes
Rock - Classic
Plays: 16
calvin mcfarland
That's What I Call Living
Country - Americana
Plays: 23
Cyndi Corkran
When It's All Over ~ with Trinity
Folk - Contemporary
Plays: 118
Margie & Art Corey
Took My Monkey To A Wedding Coreys
Pop - Easy Listening
Plays: 181

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