Most beautiful songs with positive message

Susan Witzel
R & B - Classic
Plays: 615
Susan Witzel
The Seat Next To Mine
Pop - Rock
Plays: 857
Thierry Coupey
For Now
Pop - General
Plays: 268
calvin mcfarland
Something (The Beatles)
Rock - Roots/Rock n' Roll
Plays: 22

Plays: 0
calvin mcfarland
I Just Called to Say I Love You cover
Rock - Easy Listening
Plays: 109
Tom Reardon
Comeback Kid
Country - Contemporary
Plays: 68
calvin mcfarland
Impossible Dream cover
Pop - Classic
Plays: 27
Anthony Prezio
Six Feet Away
Pop - Easy Listening
Plays: 20
Chet Nichols
Pennies From Parking Lots (#1 Country, Folk-Americana)
Folk - Country
Plays: 241

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Clean Clean

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