As a club/concert//recording/ songwriter, lyricist, guitarist, and singer, Steve has performed in studios ,clubs, concerts, radio and TV. While also active in acting and voice-overs, his "first love" is creating music. Currently, as time permits, he is writing and recording at home, and through sources such as Broadjam and TAXI, he is looking for a way for his latest songs to be heard and perhaps signed, licensed and/or recorded by other artists/producers. Although classified on this forum as Pop-Rock, the songs are a bit farther-reaching in scope and style. Every song is a well-crafted story, a drama, if you will, with engaging lyrics and a sonic soundscape of acoustic and electronic melody, harmony and vocals. Steve's own vocals can be best summarized as rich, melodic and smooth, with a story-teller's touch.

A little history...

Steve Waddington started his musical career in 1973 as the lead singer/ vocal impressionist of the ultimate oldies rock 'n' roll show band "CRUIS'N". Also known as Vince Diamond, this award-winning singer delighted fans with his spot-on and often hilarious vocal impressions of Elvis, Buddy Holly, Johnny Cash, Conway Twitty, etc. They also took great pride in their intricate acapella harmonies, with Steve singing lead, bass or both! This concert act played clubs, concerts, car shows, campuses, casinos, TV and radio, Vegas, Reno, Tahoe, Canada, Hollywood and Hawaii as well as just about every nightclub in Northern California and a noteworthy tour with the legendary Wolfman Jack. Opened for the Doobie Bros, performed with Robin Williams and played various celebrity events. Averaging 5 nights a week for almost 9 years, the band called it quits in 1982.
Steve then started the band which would eventually become known as "STEVE ONE and the SHADES" in 1982. They started as a club band that did mostly "new wave" covers, as well as a handful of originals. (The name came about when playing a popular club called "Uncle Charlie's" in Corte Madera, California. The Monday night band was "Huey Lewis and the News", so Wednesdays belonged to "Steve One and the Shades".) As they developed their original material, the band became a popular attraction with a strong following and headlined their own shows throughout the Bay Area as well as opening for the likes of the aforementioned Mr. Lewis, Night Ranger, Chris Isaak, Ronnie Montrose, Greg Kihn, Eddie Money, Starship, etc. They released one album and one "e.p.", but the usual "band stuff" broke them up in 1991.
1992 saw Steve and former "Shades" lead guitarist T.K. form a short-lived writing/recording project called "St. Christopher's Sin". A few songs, and even fewer gigs resulted. Steve relocated to Los Angeles in 1997 and landed a few TV and movie roles. (see Steve

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