Barry E. Thompson - Song Writer & Performer
Affiliation: BMI
President, Joline's Heart Productions
Connecticut - USA

Barry has been intensely involved in music since age ten. Numerous instruments are in his arsenal. He has performed with professional acts since age 18. Performance work spans the styles of rock, jazz, blues, swing, disco, top-40 and "50's-Greaser" - all about turning a dollar and paying dues. As a front-man he founded the "Summertime Blues Band", an extremely successful act in the northeast US. As a songwriter he is versatile in many styles and has been composing since his first high-school crush. Polishing songs in his project-studio is a labor of love - the fruit borne from years of performing and the vision honed from feeling the effects of music on thousands of listeners.

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Will be releasing new EP in 2022, focused on swing/blues style
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Thanks for the thoughtful review of "One or Two" by Ron Bates

2 Replies
Kate Carpenter
5 days ago

Thanks for the review of my mom song. Mrs Kate

Barry Thompson
5 days ago

My pleasure... All the best to you

Mark Radice
over 30 days ago to Barry Thompson

Thanks for the review of "Why Did You Leave Me Number One Song" :) and keep on rockin :) - Mark

G Willy
over 30 days ago to Barry Thompson

I really appreciate your review of my song Barry. It was honest, thorough and encouraging all at the same time. Thanks. G

1 Replies
Barry Thompson
over 30 days ago

my pleasure to give my "2-cents!!" - good luck with your stuff,

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