Barry Thompson

Barry Thompson

We Just Used To Drive

Story Behind The Song

Celebrating the family heirloom in a 1955 Cadillac as a time-machine representing the old days and romantic spirit and impact of automobiles in general and this one's connection to Grandma and Grandpa's romance... A nostalgic fun fast ride in the days when gasoline was guilt-free.

Song Description

Story of Grandpa's 1955 Cadillac Convertible inherited the day he passed away. How it won him Grandma's heart the day they met. How just a dollar in the tank made the V-8 crank. How today's kids drive hybrids with satellite map displays, but Grandpa didn't need GPS because he was always on Memory Lane. How this 2-door-time-machine takes you to 1955... back in a time when we just used to drive.

Song Length 2:39 Genre Country - General, Country - Honky Tonk
Tempo Very Fast (171 And Up) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Cheerful, Affable Subject Pride, History, Past
Language English Era 2000 and later


We Just Used To Drive
Words and Music Barry E. Thompson
© 2023 All Rights Reserved - Registered: BMI
My Grandaddy bought a Caddy in '55 and it was mine the day he passed
She's American-Cool, still breakin' rules at 8 miles a gallon of gas
You see this car outlived Grandpa, and Elvis and James Dean
But they all come alive when you sit inside this 2-door time machine
Back in a time when we just used to drive
A buck in yer tank made the V-8 crank and rear wheels whine
Smoke in the air, wind in your hair and polar bears didn't mind
in a time when we just used to drive
Well when grandma first met grandpa, it wasn't him that caught her eye
It was this top-down tail-finned Cadillac that looked like it could fly
Yeah she jumped in for a little spin--it turned in to a lifetime ride -
They left a carbon footprint that marks my family pride
Back in a time when we just used to drive
A buck in yer tank made the V-8 crank and rear wheels whine
Rollin' to the rock with a radio jock, the AM came in fine
in a time when we just used to drive
Well, my kids they drive hybrids with satellite map display,
But Grandpa didn't need GPS, he was always on memory lane
Gasoline emissions and American traditions are forever intertwined
Back in a time when we just used to drive
A buck in yer tank made the V-8 crank and rear wheels whine
No need-in' to plug it in she's always ready to ride
in a time when we just used to drive
back in a time when we just used to drive
Well come on inside Grandpa's ride where it's 1955

perfect example of the real thing

Great intro, lyrics tell a story! Great blend of vocals and instruments; a very catchy hook!! Song is well done. I love the interlude.

this is a well put together song enjoyed it

I really enjoyed this not only for the nostalgic sake of all the things I can remember and relate to, but it also sparked a though to Back to the Future, being that it refers to vehicles and going back in time, even a mention of it being a time machine.The instrumentation is perfect for this song as well, very nicely executed like a pro of the genre should be or as I would expect.

Amusing lyrics to a good ole country rocker

The mix is flawless

Nostalgic look at the automobile. Fun tune, well played/ sung and recorded.

"We Just Used To Drive" is a fun, nostalgic song about a '55 Cadillac and a simpler life in the 1950's. Barry's use lyrically of iconic names and classic ideas, as well as his own family story make this song a joy to listen to and reminisce - even if you weren't alive during those years.

Listen I am an old, sour music teacher both guitar and piano, and I don't give out a good grade if you don't deserve it. You don't deserve a good grade, You deserve a Great Grade! Let me know when it hits!
Cheers! catnip=+=

Fantastic story. Great clever original lyrics and rhymes. Love the nostalgia. Instrumentation and production perfect for this very commercial tune. Now let's go for a ride!

A good old country driving song. It's hard to be original when writing in a traditional country style but this song has a very good story and hook. Good main vocal with some solid harmonies. Nice bits and pieces of musicianship dotted throughout the song. Clever lyrics.

Classic country song, all is there. Nice guitar progression and arrangements. Vocals are spot on. Production is rather decent

Very cool Rock A Billy tune very well recorded a performed. Love the sound of the lead guitar, Tele? Great tune.

Great country rocker. Love the story and it is well delivered. Pro production. Well done.

Lyrics Barry E. Thompson Music Barry E. Thompson
Producer Barry E. Thompson Performance All Instruments and Vocals Barry E. Thompson
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