Barry Thompson

Barry Thompson

Full of Beer

Story Behind The Song

Humorous consideration of a couple where she is glamorous and he a beer-loving "man's man" and the turning of tables when she succeeds after he leaves the relationship... specifically expanding on the single line "you're full of yourself and I'm full of beer" as a basis for a song.

Song Description

Opposites attract but they don't last in this hilarious tale of a beer-drinking "man's man" becoming fed up with his wanna-be high-society girlfriend.... They can't agree on a restaurant for dinner nor can he stand being at her friends Chardonnay party... he concedes that their irreconcilable differences amount to she being "full of herself" while he is "full of beer"... he leaves her but the tables turn and defy his assumption that he can "change any time he wants while her condition remains in high gear.." turns out he has a lot of denial to reconcile with!

Song Length 2:49 Genre Country - Rock, Country - Contemporary
Tempo Fast (151 - 170) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Stressed, Poignant Subject Fight, General
Similar Artists Eric Church, Jerry Reed Language English
Era 2000 and later


Full Of Beer
(© 2023 Words and music by Barry Thompson, all rights reserved, registered BMI)

You know, I like a neon beer sign buzzin at me
But you'd rather see some Matre Di
So to heck with having dinner there ain't no winner here - we can't agree
Seems our give and take has gone and went, we both got blame to share
But if you ask me, it's plain to see, our differences are clear

You're full of yourself, and I'm full of beer
But while I can quit anytime I want your nose stays stuck in the air
Hey I'm one hangover away from a new clear thinking day
When you'll still be full of yourself, but I won't care.

My nerves is sprang tight enough to twang at your friends' party today
I want long necks and short shots but they're only serving Chardonnay
Keep your high class I think I'll pass and find a drink elsewhere
I'm sick of this stuff so don't wait up, our differences are clear.

You're full of yourself, and I'm full of beer
But while my condition is temporary, yours stays in high gear
Hey I'm one hangover away from a new clear thinking day
When you'll still be full of yourself, but I won't care.
- Goodbye!

So I took a ride country-wide, and she called herself a limousine
While I went findin' a place to hide in, she found places to be seen

Don't you know she became box office tops
Celebrity of the year
While I debuted on a show called Cops -
- yeah - our differences are clear

Now She's full of success and I'm still full of beer
You know my condition is legendary, just like her career
Hey I'm one hangover away, from a new clear thinking day
When I'll be alone with myself, and she won't care
When I'll see there's nothin' left 'cuz she's not here
When I'll be bored until I poured another beer.

Catchy tune and lyric. Might hear this in a good old honky tonk.

"Full of Beer" is a really good, tongue-in-cheek type of Country comedy tune with an interesting and unique story line and funny premise. Barry's songwriting style definitely shows promise. I could see where this song might appeal to the right type of Country artist to re-cut it.

Reminds me of a more country version of mojo nixon , outlaw country sound that can shake the foam off any beer on a bar these guys play...loved it..

This will definitely find a home lol. Thank you for sharing

Great country rock with a lot of attitude and a wonderful twanging guitar just for good measure. Good lyrics with that sing along vibe makes this a hit.

"Full of Beer" is a Country hit song in the making. It's a hilariously conceived and often well executed comedic story song about a romantic couple that doesn't really have a future together. And with a few tweaks to the songwriting and production, this song has a shot at the charts.

Well constructed and delivered! Love the funny story! Pro production and i can see/hear it licensed for audio visual opps. Well done.

nice country ditty good theme sounds pretty nashvillish would be good for movie trailer

This song has alot of potential.

Lyrics Barry Thompson Music Barry Thompson
Producer Barry Thompson Performance Barry Thompson all instruments and vocals
This track is on 2 Broadjam Top 10 Lists
Top 10 List Rank
Connecticut #8
Country - Rock #6

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