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1) We recently got a song accepted on 164 videos on Tik Tok and 15 songs on youtube and 2 songs accepted by Steezy Studios

2) We just got the fishing touches completed of 4 albums/2 of them with30 songs and 30 videos a per song

3) We just got a placement with The Show "The World Of Dance" with our most famous song in our library by the artist N.A. Work
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Thanks for checking out the music! :)

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You're welcome!Thank you for sharing,Great stuff!
Keep up the good work, The future is yours!
LC Team

Thanks for the 5's for "Nigel Views The Brew" and "New Dog, Old Tricks". "New Dog" received an honorable mention in the '22 SongDoor competition.


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Very nice Bill! You deserve everything you get!
LC Team

You Folks look AWESOME!

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Thank you Tom!
We really enjoy your music!
Thanks for reaching out and sharing!
LC Team

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Clean Clean

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