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1) We recently got a song accepted on 164 videos on Tik Tok and 15 songs on youtube and 2 songs accepted by Steezy Studios

2) We just got the fishing touches completed of 4 albums/2 of them with30 songs and 30 videos a per song

3) We just got a placement with The Show "The World Of Dance" with our most famous song in our library by the artist N.A. Work
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Hi Team,
Many thanks for the stars on Only Getting High, great support as always.


Hey, LC Team, thanks for 5 stars for my song, "The Dance!" I hope you had a good laugh!

BIG THANKS for the stars on 'World's a Place' and 'Last of the Great Train Robbers'! More power to you. -Mike

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You're welcome,
More power to you Mike, Keep up the good work!
LC Team

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