Marvin Floyd. Retired traveling musician turned songwriter/producer.... I have the great pleasure of working with some of the top "up and coming" vocalists in the country....genres from Pop Country to Indie Rock......Bluegrass and lots in between
So if you need to partner with someone on a project, get in touch.... Marvin

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We've made the world  Dream Pop genre  #1.....Thanks to Trixie Fender
We've made the  USA Bluegrass genre @ #1..... thanks to Aireal
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Hi Marvin,
Thanks for the 5's for "Nigel Views The Brew" and "New Dog, Old Tricks".

Warren Hein
over 30 days ago to SKY HIGH MUSIC LABS

Hey Marvin thanks so much for the nice nod for Second Chance. Much appreciated!
Warren Hein

Thanks for the stars on Champion, much appreciated!

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Denis C Wier
over 30 days ago

Your welcome

Clean Clean

Clean Clean

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