Co-writers since 2002, KAZ and JENNIFER are Songwriters, Musicians, Composers, Arrangers; play several instruments and are members of ASCAP.

Our song catalog consists of original songs with melodic tunes and full arrangements - vocal and/or instrumentals. Style is mainly New Age Adult Contemporary/Pop but also includes other genres such as Electronic, Experimental, World (Celtic), Ambient, Rock, Alternative. Some are the kind you would hear in a movie. Others are for recording / performance and are easy to sing along with. Some have genre crossover potential.

Our influences are: UK music, Rock, Pop, Experimental, Electronic, Alternative, Celtic, New Age, Ambient, Classical.

Licensing for
- Record Labels needing songs for their artists/bands to record
- Artists to record and perform
- Radio play
- Film/TV and Ad placement
- Print

SEEKING publishing contract, licensing.

Please respect our copyright (c)(p)

Latest News

February 2010 -- Minor Intrusion forwarded through Broadjam listing.

October 2009 -- Minor Intrusion licensed through Broadjam listing.

June 2009 -- Heart Beat licensed through Broadjam listing.

Dec 2006 -- 19 tracks (17 songs) have been licensed to date.

Nov 2005 -- Licensed 13 songs.

Jennifer and Kaz - MelodicTunes

Kaz and Jennifer both have home studios and began collaborating on music in late 2002. We both started playing music and learning instruments during childhood. We are a songwriting team and co-write as well as compose / write individually. We also enjoy arranging music. We both are members of the performing rights organization ASCAP as writers/publishers. Our goal is to get our songs placed. We believe the variety of music available lends itself well to artists seeking material to record and perform as well as radio play, and film/TV and ad placement. We hope that you enjoy listening to the songs and that they are able to touch your life in some manner.

Jennifer's Bio

Jennifer is from Oregon and writes Adult Contemporary, Pop, Rock, Alternative, Experimental, New Age/Ambient, World influence (Celtic) and Contemporary Christian songs. Influences have been UK music, Gen-X, Pop, Rock, Alternative, Experimental and Classical music. Her instruments are Piano, Keyboard, Synth, Guitar (acoustic 6 and 12 string, electric), Flute, Whistles, Tambourine, Harmonica, Accordian (as a kid) and Vocals. She has been a worship leader since 1993, a musician and vocalist in 3 worship bands, and a keyboard/synth player and vocalist in an Experimental band.

Kaz's Bio

Kaz lives in Canada and is from England. He has been a member in rock bands in the UK and has been composing and arranging for many years. He writes and arranges Adult Contemporary, Pop, Rock, Alternative, New Age/Ambient, and Celtic songs. Influences have been UK music, Pop, Rock, Experimental, Alternative and Classical music. His instruments are Piano, Keyboard, Synth, Guitar (6 and 12 string acoustic; electric), Bass, Whistles, Harmonica. He enjoys playing his tangerine Fender and experimenting with his 3 amps. He also enjoys producing.

W8-BEN available for Kaz for licensing in USA

Song Titles

Jennifer and Kaz are a songwriting team since 2002 and have been working towards licensing / placement of the songs in Film/TV and Ad.

A Moment In Time
All That Is Missing
Another Time
Awakening Glory
Beautiful Dancer
Because of You
Cosmic Time
Darkest Night's Sleep
Deep Calls Unto Deep
Distant Love
Do You Still
Don't Want To Be Here
Don't You Know Why
Even Though
Have You Ever Wondered
Heart Beat
Holding On
I'll Be There
Ivory Rose
Let Love Have Its Way
Lovers Waltz
Midnight Blue
Midnight Dream
Minor Intrusion
Miss Green's Pumpkin Dance
Only Love
Random Recurrence
Song Of The Morning
Tears In My Mind
The Longing
Two Hearts
Walking Down The Street So Pretty
Warm and Tender
Will You Stand By Me
Winds of Destiny
Without You


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