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Hey Matt,
Just listened to "Mr Picnic"... wow, totally awesome song! I love the "Beatles-esque" - British-vibe to that one. Great concept, clever lyrics and the vocals/harmonies are perfect. Very cool arrangement and production too... 5 Stars and a place on my Playlist for sure!! Homerun!!


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Matt Iddings
over 30 days ago

Thank you Frank! That tune is from a group of "power pop" songs recorded in the late 90's. There's not much demand for the genre, but I grew up with the style, so I'm my own target market!

I'm with ya 100%

over 30 days ago to Matt Iddings

Thanks for the kind review of Tupelo Dreams..... Marvin

Hi again Matt,
Thanks for the review and comments on our song "Keep On Walkin". Your comments/perspectives are valuable and much appreciated!

Be well,

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Matt Iddings
over 30 days ago

So I listened to Keep On Walkin' again, and I get (the build up to) the chorus better than I did on first listen. So take comments from an un-proven songwriter with a grain of salt! I recently played a song for my frequent collaborator, and he didn't get a bass line under a chord progression that I had used. Go figure.....

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