Crazy Like That

Story Behind The Song

After talking with a friend that had been in an abusive relationship, the idea came to write about "him" trying to get her back, and "her" having the strength to stay on her own.

Song Description

A Country Ballad, featuring Acoustic Guitar and female vocals.

Song Length 3:47 Genre Country - Contemporary, Country - General
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Lead Vocal Female Vocal
Mood Composed, Serene Subject General, Courage
Similar Artists Martina McBride Language English
Era 2000 and later


Genre: Country
Vocal: Female

©2014 Nick Berry(BMI)

I said I'd meet you for Coffee.
Guess I had too see.
If you really had changed.

You said you'd been going to Church.
And to those meetings after work.
And maybe we could start out again as friends.
(But) I don't want to go through that hell again. But -


I don't need you any longer.
Everyday I'm getting stronger.
I've finally moved on with my life.
You thought, I'd come running come back.
Tell me, Why would I want to,
Do something crazy like that?

I've heard all of your excuses.
Got tired of hiding all the bruises.
And hearing, "I'm Sorry" at least a hundred times.

I'd had all that I could take.
Got up the courage to walk away
And finally leave it all behind.
Before I went out of my mind. And -(Chorus).

You said I'd never make it.
Without you I'd be nothing.
You had made me all that I am .
But I guess God had other plans...'Cause (Chorus)

Great vocal , and lovely acoustic guitar !

Solid country. Real lyrics about life issues. Hard hitting. Well done. Good balanced production.

I loved the emotion in your voice,You sang it very convingly. You sound like Leann rhymes. This is a very nice song. The production was good, it had good meter and a great pace. It sounded like current country. I think you may have a winner here.

I enjoyed listening to this song. The lyrics are expressive and the vocalist is believable in her storytelling. The recording is clear and simple. The bridge works well too. I like the guitar as the instrument as is works well for this song and genre giving this song a singer/ songwriter feel. Great job overall.

A perfect song when trying to start again on your own two feet. I really love the guitar and the voice is very powerful and fits the song perfectly.
I assume there are plans to record the song with more than the guitar, but I actually like it just as it is too. If you've got a skilful guitarist and a powerful voice to a good song you don't need much else.

Great vocal and recording !Nice Melody too. Nice song structure.

* Good strong vocal performance
* Clear accompaniment
* The quality of the voice merits a second and third listen

Terrific country song; loved the vocal, lyrics, arrangement, etc.; loved everything.

This song has market value I can hear it playing on the radio. I heard the first verse I was like okay let me hear a good hook you delivered a good hook the structure was really good I love you breakdown

Great song, amazing lyrics, telling a very touching story! Fabulous vocals.

Beautiful song!! Gorgeous country vocals !!! Wonderful lyrics and loved the acoustic guitar!! The vocals were crystal clear!!

Wow! What a great song and track. Fabulous vocal good as anything that comes out of Nashville. Beautiful arrangement and recording with professionally performed intrumentation. Well-crafted lyrics with a fine hook. Take a bow.

Lyrics Nick Berry Music Nick Berry
Producer The 515 Studio, Nashville, TN and Nick Berry Publisher Take38 Music Group
Performance Brittini Black and Nick Berry Label None
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