Been Down This Road

Story Behind The Song

Life gets busy and relationships can become strained sometimes. The song is about looking at what's important and getting things back they way they were.

Song Description

A ballad written for the Country Genre. This is the first song that I tried transposing from Acoustic Guitar to Piano and I was hooked. Featuring male vocals.

Song Length 3:15 Genre Country - Contemporary, Country - General
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Mood Passive
Subject Making Up Similar Artists Brooks & Dunn, Rascal Flatts
Language English Era 2000 and later


The silence in this room is deafening,
Just the clock ticking on the wall.
What happened to the conversations,
That we don't have no more?

How do we get back to being us?
Instead of being so far apart.
The distance is gettin' the best of me.
And it's taking it's toll on my heart.

We've been down this road before,
This ain't nothin' new.
There's still a whole lotta love left here,
Between me and you.
So let's sleep on it tonight,
And if that don't change your mind.
Then it's not worth fighting for.
But I believe we can work it out.
'Cause we've been down this road before.

I could go drown my sorrows,
At the corner Bar.
But that kind of drinking,
Never got me very far.

I know I've taken us for granted,
Didn't know just what we had.
But Baby, I ain't willin' to lose this,
I've never wanted you so bad.

Yeah, I believe we can work it out.
'Cause we've been down this road before.

Love the acoustic simplicity. Beautiful piano melody with the vocalist on point delivering the emotion of the story. Pro production.

Love the song, delivery, hell, everything about..

Simple , but effective ! Great vocal on this one .

Lovely piano, touch of Billy Joel in the vocals, piano and arrangement. Really liked the song. Could easily see this as a radio play.

What a gorgeous piano tone! If a song is good enough, it doesn't need over-production, and this is a perfect example. Excellent vocal fits the song perfectly, and the piano is played without being over-played. Very heart-felt performance with a ton of possibilities. Thus, the near-perfect score (which I rarely give out).

Love the piano intro. Nice deep sound. The vocal sound also superb. Vocal itself excellent. Good ballad. Good chord changes.
I love the song a lot. Very heartfelt vocal and a good subject and concept.

It is a beautiful ballad. I like the first two lines of the lyrics because I don't think there is one living soul out there that hasn't wanted to run out of a room when the silence get deafening and the clock is the only thing you can hear for want feels like an eternity. I like the single piano too, even if I assume that arrangement is just for the demo.

damn nice piano work man, and a great vocal--have i heard this? lyrically i love this as well. you tell a good story, a bit general in places, but so what? it sold me as real. and you know how to write. and i also like the piano/vocal-only format, it separates the men from the boys, (or ladies from the girls?...LOL) Overall well done.

Great composing, music and vocals. Excellent, Excellent vocals.

I'm not a country fan but you did a nice job on this. Piano was a good choice, nice acoustic sound! Lyrics tell a good story.

Very good lyrics and a fine melody. Beautifully sung with plenty of feeling. Great piano accompaniment. In this ballad genre it is very hard to find a totally original melody but there are subtle chords to make it stand out. All is well recorded and properly balanced. A fine track which I feel has great marketability.

SIMPLY A BEAUTIFUL SONG--great songwriting/singing/music etc...would be a great one for country radio--maybe a country music video too!--thanky--NJ

Love this song!! The lyrics have very nice rhyming! The hook is great the vocals are very nice and crisp! Could hear this song on the radio!

Holy shit that was one of the greatest songwriter demos i've ever heard. Gave me goosebumps. Great keys and vocals and the lyrics are killer. Got me teary eyed describing it to my wife

This is lovely, beautiful song with great vocals.

Beautiful piano performance and arrangement, great recording, great and emotional vocal, pretty melody, good use of lyrical rhyme. A very good song and recording.

awesome, great vocal performance, moving melody

I'm sure you know this needs drums and bass and some slide guitar and country instruments. But a great song overall, good lyrics and good vocals, and a great idea. Fits in perfectly with many male country singer's songs it should do well for you.

Beautiful melody line... piano and vocal!
Especially love the vibe in the first two lines of each verse.
On the vocal through the verses...I'd stay down through the entire verse, like you do on the first two lines. So sweet. Wouldn't get tired of that.
Go up on your chorus?
Well done!!

Lyrics Nick Berry Music Nick Berry
Producer The 515 Studio, Nashville and Nick Berry Publisher Nick Berry
Performance Tim Grogan - Piano Label None
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