Without You With Me

Story Behind The Song

A Man loses the Woman in his life and comes to the reality that this is how life is going to be without her, even though he's trying to change.

Song Description

A Country ballad, recorded on Piano, with male vocals.

Song Length 3:51 Genre Country - Contemporary, Country - Contemporary
Tempo Medium Slow (91 - 110) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Heartbreaking Subject Lost Love
Language English Era 2000 and later


Genre: Country
Style: Romantic Ballad
© 2013 Nick Berry (BMI)/ Take38 Music.

I've walked every room in this house.
Wondering if there's something I could've said?
I come home and turn the T.V. on.
Just to drown out the voices in my head.

I spend most of my time alone.
Instead of going out with friends.
I guess I'm just afraid of what I'd say,
If I run into you again. 'Cause -


Every night's the same routine.
I toss and turn, but I can't sleep.
Tryin' hard to shake your memory.
(But) I've finally faced the fact.
That you're not comin' back.
And this is how it's gonna be.
Without you with me . (2nd time to **)

I've been going to Church on Sunday.
It's where I can find some peace.
But when the Preacher starts talkin' 'bout forgiveness.
It's like he's looking right through me. 'Cause - (Chorus).

So tonight I'm down here on my knees.
Asking, "Lord, why'd you let her leave?"
But the answer always comes right back too me.

And I've finally faced the fact.
That you ain't never comin' back.
And this is how it's gonna be.
Without you with me.
Without you with me.

A great song and really great voice

A very heartfelt tune, anyone who has gone through heartache can relate to this! I love the honest and articulate lyrics. The piano is very nice in the arrangement, also like the strings, really adds to the sentimentality.

Wow! Love it. This is the best song I have heard on these reviews in a long time. This is a hit song. Great emotion!

Outstanding. You have a hell of a voice. Hell of a song. Really well done. Hope to hear more.

Love this song

great country song--great one to do live!--5 stars--cheers--joe-----------love the piano --keep up the great composing

Beautiful ballad! I loved your voice and great flow throughout the song both melodically and with the story.

A hauntingly sad song, beautifully performed vocally and instrumentally. The lyrics painted the picture very well and the piano and cello (?) reinforced the mood very nicely.

Excellent track &..love the string...subtle but impactful.

wow , nice work, excellent

Reminded me of Hero Enrique Englaises??? Sorry about the spelling! Loved the violin which complements the piano arrangement so well. Love, Love Love!

Wow I love this song.. Everthing about it.. It reminds me of A Blake Shelton tune... Voice as well!! Strong vocals!!!! Amazing. Could hear this on the radio for sure!!!!!

I love your melody and the piano playing is nice. Your lyrics are also good and kind of different in spots which is good. I like your voice, it has lots of passion. You are obviously a really good songwriter. Your song is overall very good and your writing is sound.

Lyrics Nick Berry Music Nick Berry
Producer The 515 Studio, Nashville and Nick Berry Publisher Nick Berry/Take38 Music
Performance Nick Berry
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