Story Behind The Song

This song came together while watching a History Channel show about bridges. Despite its dark tone, it's a hopeful song about bringing together people in conflict.

Song Length 3:30 Genre Rock - General


I hope my bridges span the forest fallen
from the severed limbs i hear you callin
to me
Suspension of belief is fading
While the pontifex is masquerading
As me

Bridge, Walk to one side
Bridge, Don't wait on the tide
All my children
Bridge, Keep off the railin
Bridge, Don't run from failin
Can we join them?

I hope my bridges reach the valley growing
from the pitted walls i feel you knowing
of me
Intentions of destruction drifting
But the distance still is sifting
Out my plea

If we build the Bridge
A place to hold
Onto the earth we've never sold
When we find a Bridge
That won't fall down
We'll cross the oceans where once we drowned

I hope my bridges cross the ocean blackened
by the jetsam of my loss, go back in
Corruption of my trust is fleeting
While the seashore gets a beating
From my ryme

Lyrics Matt Taylor Music Matt Taylor
Producer Matt Taylor and Jon Gillespe

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