Song Length 2:33 Genre Folk - General


Shade I'm comin I bring the dawn
Do you watch me rise?
I give to you a morning song
I sing to you the sky

I light the world and still I'm blind
Everything but you, I can see
Far too long I've tried to find
The other side of me

Ocean helps me find the way
He tells me where you hide
Along the cliffs, beneath the waves
You're on the other side

I've been left alone out here
I need to find a friend (like you)
And all the times that I've been near
I know you've been there too

But there's only one way
To see you
To find you,
To know you
To have you Shade

Yeah there's only one way
To see you
To find you,
To know you
To feel you
To have you
To become you Shade

Shade I'm goin I leave the moon
Can you see him rise?
I give to you a twilight tune
I sing away the sky

Lyrics Matt Taylor Music Matt Taylor
Producer Matt Taylor

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