Perpetual Motion

Song Length 3:19 Genre Folk - General


I've been around for a bit less
Than half my time
Beginning to think about
The end and I'm afraid

So it makes me stronger and it
Keeps me warmer
Spinnin with her
Makes my fears spin away

And she seems to be in Perpetual Motion
The movement, the movement, the movement, won't stop
Side by side, turn around, move it up and then back down
She seems to be in Perpetual Motion

Lately I feel
Like I don't want to get up somedays
And I'm asleep when I'm awake
So I dream

And I dream that I'm moving
Don't know how she's doin it
But somehow she makes me wanna
Do it again

And they say it's impossible
Laws unamendable
That nothing around us
Begins without end

But I've cleaned out my doubt
For the girl so unendable
They ask me, I tell them,
"She's more than just a friend"

I know a place where the
Sun lives tomorrow
Where Forever Seas
Can drift with the sky

There lives a girl with hair
Soft as a meadow
And everything's love
In the blink of an eye

Lyrics Matt Taylor Music Matt Taylor
Producer Matt Taylor Performance Matt Taylor

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