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Romeo originially went to the Capulet's party to find a girl named Rosaline. "Rosaline" is an alternative death soliliqy for Romeo.

Song Length 2:49 Genre Folk - Alternative


She made me crazy
Not the kind of girl
That's good for any boy
I loved her anyway

She wouldn't see me
So I tried to find her, make her know me
One last step I took
I slipped and fell forever

I looked hard but didn't find...
I wish I would have found Rosaline

My friends they tried to move me on,
Told me I should find another one
And that my Rosaline was not the swan
I thought she was

But I couldn't be moved,
So I snuck inside to see her,
Saw another girl I didn't mean to know

I looked hard but didn't find...
I wish I would have found Rosaline

It's only been a time or two
Much ado
But I swear I never forgot about you

Naked to the windy grey
while copper leaves are falling all around
He feels her body, cold
And then

He holds on
Then lets go

Lyrics Matt Taylor Music Matt Taylor
Producer Matt Taylor Performance Matt Taylor

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