Subject to the Wind

Song Length 3:11 Genre Folk - Alternative


Subject to the wind blew me too far
Take my sails down
Keep an eye on the waves, splashing on me
Hold my hair now

One cloud alone in the empty sky wandering
Far you've been
So easy it must be to be without knowing
How far you've come
Just how long you'll go

Subject to the wind held my paper wing running
Thrown to the sky
Spinning out all the string, tangled up in the angels
Amazed that I'm so high

Windows I'm opening, springtime comes blowing
Around my head
Stay with me I'll find a way to keep you with me
All year round
When seasons turn cold and I'm locked in

Subject to the wind in the treetop
Will the bow break?
And I'll try to keep her from falling
If I can keep still and my hands don't shake

Coming with the thunder in twisting air I fear
You've been known to keep bad company
All night you shook me then left the same way
You came, quiet at sunrise and cool
And the empty sky is all mine again

If only I could vanish to smoke like a wizard and
Become a part of the wind and less subject to man
I could rise with the breeze and drift with the pressure
In the air I can

And the one cloud wanders above me
My window is open, come in
And I'm Subject to the Wind

Lyrics Matt Taylor Music Matt Taylor
Producer Matt Taylor

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