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Feels an empty bed
Then pulls the covers from her head
Wishes she was more than
Dreaming of him

Morning reflection, she is dancing to
Her friend's collection
?Maybe today he'll spin me
Round like this??

He's the one she loves
And she's gonna find him

Somedays everything's okay
Somenights everything's all right
Sometimes everything's fine

She hasn't seen him yet, it's raining
And she wants to be wet
She skips along the soggy street and smells
The Green

What kind of fool is she?
The people driving by can't see that
Rainy days are good for dreams
And dancing too

He's the one she loves
You keep lookin babe, you're gonna find him

He finds her standing there,
The raindrops playing in her hair
"It's a little bit cloudy," he says
"But dance with me."

She's the one he loves

Lyrics Matt Taylor Music Matt Taylor
Producer Matt Taylor Performance Matt Taylor

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