Story Behind The Song

wishing she could have taken a different road in life

Song Description

self explanitory

Song Length 3:37 Genre Country - General, Country - Traditional
Tempo Medium Slow (91 - 110) Lead Vocal Female Vocal
Mood Beside Yourself, Disturbed Subject Frustration, Failure
Similar Artists , reba mcintire Language English
Era 1990 - 1999


Listen to the sound of a distant whistle blowing,
A train keeps rolling through the night.
I lie awake in bed and I wonder where it's going,
anywhere on earth would be alright.
But I'll never know, 'cause I'll never go
So I hold my dreams in my heart.

I wish that I could see the lights of San Francisco,
watch the sun go down on 'Frisco bay.
I wish that I could find the answer to the question:
where the night wind goes when it blows away.
But I'll never know,'Cause I'll never go,
So I play this game in my mind.

Hey...I think I'll run away
I'm gonna grab the end of a rainbow;
Spread my wings and fly away
Hey...I'm gonna run away,
But it'll have to be tomorrow, I've got too much to do today

Supper's not ready and the washer's overflowing;
I'm gonna be late for the P.T.A.
I've got a run in my hose and I think my slip is showing,
Everyday this week has been a " bad hair day",
But I'll make it through, the way I always do
Playing silly games in my mind.
Hey...I think I'll run away,
I'm gonna grab the end of a rainbow,
spread my wings and fly away.
Hey... I'm gonna run away,
But it'll have to be tomorrow; I've got too much to do today.

Hey... someday I'll run away
Hey...someday I'll run away.

Lyrics c.j.miller Music c.j.miller
Producer c.j.miller Publisher Little Country Music Publishing/BMI
Performance c,j,miller with LaDonna

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