honky tonkin' tonight

Story Behind The Song

A very long story involving several influential people in my life. One old friend(now deceased) used to announce with great drama," Let us meet at the local bar and we will smoke cigarettes,drink beer and tell lies. Another person in my life used to refer to anything real old as having been around,"Since Moby Dick was a minner."(slang for Minnow)

Song Description

People get in a rut, and life is humdrum. Remembering how things used to be, and the fun they used to have with friends, music, dancing and living life to the fullest.

Song Length 2:25 Genre Country - Honky Tonk, Country - Honky Tonk
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Restless, Disturbed Language English
Era 2000 and later


well if we stay home one more night, I think we;ll go insane.
Them tv shows and videos have been burnin' out our brain.
I want to turn em off and get turned on, the way we used to do.
so honey if you'll honky tonk with me, I'll honky tonk with you.

so, let's go honky tonkin' like we used to do.
dancin' gettin' drunk and acting like a fool.
with that red dress on you sure look like a winner; we aint been out since Moby Dick was a "minner", and,
I just wanta go honky tonk tonight.

Now Punkin it's been too long since,
I danced you 'round the floor.
Whispered sweet things in your ear,
and a whole lot more.
I wanta hold ya tight, when we dance tonight,
and if I may assume,
when we get home about midnight, I'm gonna chase you 'round the room.

So, lets go honky tonkin' like we used to do.
dancin' gettin' drunk and acting like a fool.
we'll be scootin' some boots with the girls and guys,
smokin cigaretts, drinkin' beer and tellin' lies.
I just wanta go honky tonk tonight.
C'mon baby, lets honky tonk tonight.

Fun! Fun! Fun! I loved this! Great vibe, nice story, arrangement and and recording. The instrumental was just fantastic. I can definitely hear this song getting picked up for licensing. You did a wonderful job on this one! Looking forward to hearing more!

This was a fun Traditional country song, perfect for a Honkey Tonk Country bar.

Nice Country. Nashish sounding! Great players--puts me in A mood!

Danceable, frisky country/honky tonk song, well played sung recorded and produced.

Very catchy. Loved the instrumentation. Lyrics and Vocals were pretty good too. Definitely a great Honky Tonk tune! Id write more but, I've gotta get to my local Honky tonk now!

Good western swing vibes! Nice fiddle work!

I ACTUALLY THINK THIS IS A GREAT SONG--I love HONKY TONK songs--I grew up with them--I would like to hear this one on the country radio--or LIVE!--thanxs--joe

Very catchy song.

lyric catches me right away... "turn them off and turn you on", great line qabout turning off the tech-toys... go honky-tonkin, this brings the honky-tonk (old true style) into the contemporary world of today, this is truly a great lyric... playing is very good, true to style, vocal has that "guy next door who can sing" type of sound, and its very attractive... nothing contrived about this song, this is a guy who really feels the style, feels the lyric, and feels aneed to write about "going back"... just a really good, lets-go-dancin' song, simple, the way things should be

Enjoyed this. Has a sincere and fun quality to it. Everyone have fun - no heartbreak, no lost dog - just enjoying life.

I thoroughly loved it, and this is pretty far from the genres I usually listen to. I can tell you've got great musicians on the track. Nice and playful, very fun to listen to.

none neede here

very well done , the unique character of the vocal sets this one aside from the rest. it's well put together and produced. lyrics are well written and catchy.I like it a lot.

Lyrics c.j. miller Music c.j.miller
Producer c.j.miller Publisher c.j.miller
Performance c.j.miller Label none
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