Hogjaw & Willie

Story Behind The Song

I knew a big fat guy that was called "Hog" and he played guitar like no one else. I also knew a little dwarf that played electric bass. They never played together, but....what if??

Song Description

A big fat guy is the best guitar picker around and plays a duet with a little person that just attached himself to the big guy. Little Willie has to stand on beer cases to play. They have no drummer, so while Hogjaw produces the best music you ever heard, Little Willie plays the bass and "Effs". You ain't really country if you don't know what "Effin" is. Together, they make music that people can't get enough of. The fans love them and they love the fans. They don't need fame and fortune.They have everything they need in that little old shack of a bar just playing one night a week.

Song Length 3:49 Genre Unique - Unclassified, Country - Traditional
Tempo Medium Fast (131 - 150) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Content, Delightful Subject Musician, Friendship
Language English Era 2000 and later


Let me tell you friend about a place I know; just about a mile from here.
It's just an open shack, with a hard dirt floor,but you can get yourself a cold,cold beer.
And on Saturday night,if you need some excitement, you'll be lucky to get near the place.
'cause they got Hogjaw playin' lead guitar,
and little Willie on the upright bass.

Now Hogjaw hails from the Mississippi delta; he weighs about 400 pounds.
But the things he can do with that Kalamazoo,made him a one man show in any town.
Nobody knows where little Willie come from;he just walked in one night and took his place.
Behind Hogjaw pickin' the lead, little Willie's on the upright bass.

And there' dancin', singin, wild,wild women.
Lordy, it's a beautiful sight.
Little Willie slappin' at the upright bass and "Effin" with all of his might.
It'll make your pulse quicken, to hear the "Hog" pickin' country music commin' outta the place.
When Hogjaw,is pickin the lead, and little Willie's on the upright bass.

Now the Big City contacts, have offered them contracts, with every lable coast to coast.
But they said,"Long green, don't mean a thing, if you ain't with the people you love the most."
Right here they're home town heros.
And everybody here knows,every Saturday night they're a star.
When Hogjaw is pickin' the lead and little Willie thumps the boss guitar.
And there's dancin' singin' wild,wild women; people all over the place.
a stomin' and a jumpin' to the "Effin" and a thumpin',rhythm of the upright bass.
Yeah, believe you me, I can guarantee,there'll be a smile on everybody's face, when Hogjaw is pickin' the lead and little Willie's on the upright
Now there's never a danger, of being a stranger,just jump right in and join the crowd.
Between the huggin' and a kissin' it's like nuclear fission when the music gets good and loud.
Yeah believe you me I can guarantee there'll be a smile on everybody's face, when Hogjaw is pickin' the lead, and little Willie's on the upright bass.

Very retro style rock & roll that recalls the old Sun Records/Memphis styles that eventually influenced Brian Setzer and the Stray Cats. The recording is clean and honest. Nice bonus of some greasy slide guitar over the steady-as-you-go rhythm section. The vocals remind me a little of the late great Carl Perkins!

The vocalist is probably the best part of this track for me. It's definitely Country music! The music is great and it invokes a great visual of a country bar with people dancing to this great song. Great lyrics and vocalist.

nice job overall real tasty steel solid country dittie

Nice slide guitar work!! And your voice seems very suited for this style. I don't normally listen to this style of music, but I find my foot tapping along!!

Lyrics C.J.Miller Music C.J.Miller
Producer C.J.Miller Publisher none
Performance C.J.Miller Label None
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