Shades of Gray

Song Length 3:39 Genre Pop - General


Night gives in, the morning sunlight wins
As he tucks his clean shirt in
He cinches up his tie
And leaves home so bright-eyed

But the world is taking off its gloves
And when push comes to shove
He gives himself some slack
As he forgets that?

Black bleeds into white
Distinction fades away
Right and wrong collide
And all that?s left is a million shades of gray

So he builds his life upon the sand
To meet all it demands
And in the glass he sees
What he vowed he?d never be

All is well he tries to tell himself
Keys and conscience on the shelf
His excuses in a stack
Piled high to prove that?


Weather varies, colors fade
Trends and opinions change
But truth remains the same
In the dark, in the light, in the day, in the night


Lyrics Cheri Magill Music Cheri Magill and Jonathon Shults
Producer Jonathon Shults Publisher Cheri Magill Publishing
Performance Cheri Magill
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