To the Ground

Song Length 4:42 Genre Pop - General, Pop - Rock
Tempo Non 4/4 Lead Vocal Female Vocal


Take off my heels to regain my senses
Let down my hair and my defenses
Lock the door so the world disappears
Now it?s only you and I here

My tongue has been tied up in knots all day
Sifting and guarding what I?d like to say
But here I know I can bear my soul to you
With nothing to hide, nothing to prove

You won?t let my words fall to the ground
No you won?t let my words seep into the cracks
where they?d never be found
You won?t let my words fall to the ground

Sometimes I?m crazy, sometimes I?m upset
Sometimes I laugh and sometimes I fret
The trivial, the day to day, or my biased views
I know that none of it is headline news

Lyrics Cheri Magill Music Cheri Magill
Producer Jonathon Shults Publisher Cheri Magill Publishing
Performance Cheri Magill
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