Waiting On You

Song Length 3:34 Genre Pop - Rock, Rock - General


Last weeks clothes lie on the floor along with three pairs of shoes
You?re several steps behind again and you?re reading yesterday?s news
Waiting for the phone to ring, waiting for your life to begin
Cross your fingers for the day that things will go your way

The story of your life won?t write itself
It gathers dust just sitting on the shelf
Fill in the empty page and make your debut
?Cause the universe is waiting on you

Passing time with mindless games to keep life occupied
No map, no destination, how will you know you?ve arrived
Settling for your old regime, censoring your every dream
Feeling safe by playing small and holding back your all


You could be bold and brave, you could march to the beat of your own drum
If you?re willing to give up who you are for who you can become

Lyrics Cheri Magill Music Cheri Magill
Producer Jonathon Shults Publisher Cheri Magill Publishing
Performance Cheri Magill

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