Connect the Dots

Song Length 2:55 Genre Pop - Rock, Blues - Rock
Tempo Medium Fast (131 - 150)


She glows when you?re in the room
She owes all her smiles to you
She knows everything you like
She hears your name and she ignites
Oh, oh, oh ? hello, hello
I think your eyes are closed

One, two, three, four
There are signs you can?t ignore
Five, six, seven, eight
Better get the story straight
Put the clues together while you?ve still got a shot
It doesn?t take a genius to connect the dots

She stares across the room at you
She cares if you win or lose
She?s there at the game you play
She listens to each word you say
Oh, oh, oh ? hello, hello
Baby, don?t you know

Lyrics Cheri Magill Music Cheri Magill and Jonathon Shults
Producer Jonathon Shults Publisher Cheri Magill Publishing
Performance Cheri Magill

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