Chasing Yesterday

Song Length 4:44 Genre Rock - General, Pop - Rock


Your hindsight is getting a little blurred
You recall conversations with different words
Evoking your emotions of remorse
You question just when you got off course
Forgetting little details, ignoring all the facts
I bet your neck is real sore from looking back

Accept the way your life has changed
Accept the you you are today
You?re choosing and losing tomorrow
While you?re wasting your time chasing yesterday

You envision several endings in your head
You audition different things you could have said
Choosing to be weighed down by the chains of regret
Holding on to the past, hanging it over your head


Will you forgive yourself
Surrender your agony
You can begin again
If you choose to be free


Lyrics Cheri Magill Music Cheri Magill
Producer Jonathon Shults Publisher Cheri Magill Publishing
Performance Cheri Magill
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