I was born in the Philippines moved to the U S at age 7.I taught myself guitar at age 10.I sang in choir from grade school to college.
I've dressed many known celebrities like Ann Margaret,Shirley Maclaine,The Mandrel sisters,Donna Fargo,Diona Warwick (Solid Gold Album gown)and others as a Fashion Designer for celebrity Designer, SuzyCreamcheese in Las Vegas.
I have played at the Austin Oprey House to the Odessey House in Berkley,Ca.
I have a cd "From The Heart" Recorded in Nashville Tn. Country,Classic Rock with R&B

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Jocelyn Velasco Hoskins has signed with YouLicense and Getty Images.She has licensed 9 out of a 12 song cd. CDBaby.com,/cd/jvhoskins link to physical 45 look CD. digital downloads -on
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I was born in Manila in the Philippine Islands.I then came to the United States.We moved to Michigan for 3 years then moved to upstate New York in an artist influenced town called Woodstock.
I started singing since I could sing nursery rhymes.
I began playing guitar at age 10.
At 13 I helped deliver my brother in the car on the way to the hospital at 3:00 am in front of the Vanderbuilt Mansion in Poukeepsie,New York.
I saw Bonnie Raitt perform at age 16 just before the famed Woodstock Festival.From then on I was hooked on Blues and a soulful way of singing.
I come from a musical family. My father inspired all of us to play a musical instrument.He introduced me to all types of music. And I inherited his passion for it.
My older sister and I did native dances from our country with a dance group and became child performers for several years. I was only 9 years old.
I also trained in Hawaiian Hula dances. The "Hula" actually started as religious dances and was very much misunderstood by the rest of the world.
I studied Fashion Design in Alameda, Calif.along with music and voice.I later studied Business.I performed in clubs through school in the evenings. From Berkley to LA.I was in many bands,some of them all female.I have played from New York to the Philippines then to Las Vegas.
I worked as a Fashion Designer for the famed celebrity Designer Suzy Creamcheese in Las Vegas. I have dressed people like Tanya Tucker, Ann Margaret,Diana Warwick,The Mandrel sisters,Shirley Maclaine,Donna Fargo and many others.
I want to develope my full potential as a woman in this life.
I recently had a poem published in an international book of poems called "Timeless Voices".
In Oct. of 2006 I went to Nashville and recorded "From The Heart" with Butch Davis and Billy Anderson at Cumberland Recording. Butch had played guitar for Tracy Lawrence for ten years after playing with Stone Wall Jackson,Billy Walker,Razzy Bailey.He also performed at The Grand Ole Opry for years.His guitar rifts are electrifying, and evokes emotions.Billy has been a keyboardist for 35 years.He has played with people like Stephen Stills,to Papa John Creach.I feel so honored to be working with these two very talented artists. "From The Heart" cd is all over the Internet on many sites. CDBaby.com/cd/jvhoskins
Myspace.com/jocelynvelasco hoskins ITunes: US,UK,Denmark,Sweden,Austrailia,France,Germany Napster,Rhapsody,E Music and many others. It is internationally being played on many web radio; PayplayFM. The songs will always be a variety of different sounds. That is what makes up my style.
The combination of different guitars,acoustic and electric with piano, organ and poignant lyrics and emotional rifts that grab your emotions. Only if you have experienced those emotions of the heart will you understand what the songs are really saying.I feel that music is therapeutic, it can heal the soul. Enjoy and God Bless us all.I am driven to Inspire not to Impress!!
I have been strongly influenced by Bob Dylan, Bonnie Raitt, Fleetwood Mac,Janis Joplin,Heart, Philippine music ,Linda Ronstadt, and Shania Twain,Cheryl Crow,Stevie Ray Vaughn,Buddy Guy,Miles Davis,Paul Butterfield,The Beatles,The Stones,Hendrix,Fanny Hill,Antigone Rising,Patsy Cline,Santana,Billy Holiday, and good old Classic Rock.
To all the women who had the GUTS to be a musician and paved the way for the others.

From The Heart

Original and unique songs. Music with a unique combination of Jazz, Blues, Country, Rock, R&B and Folk. Most written about true life experiences. Experiences that have a strong impact on our lives. Not everyone are able to express their feelings. Many times hearing a song that expresses our feelings helps us to release our own through it. Releasing those feelings helps start the healing process.
Music touches our lives in more ways than we know. First of all, we realize that we are not the only ones going through bad times in life.I believe everything happens for certain reasons. Learning experiences that teach and prepare us for what is ahead of us.What we do is up to us.
I hope you enjoy my music, PEACE and GOD Bless!From my heart to yours. JVHoskins

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