Song Length 3:48 Genre Pop - Rock



if i could be a saint, i would pray to be your eyes.
you make me feel and now i know i can do it all
and without light, all alone, i'm unafraid when darkness falls.
no, no don't. you're playing with my head. no, don't, no, please don't. these games have got to end. please go.

i try to be you. come to me. i'll show you
a fruitful soul to rise ahead. cleanse myself of emptiness.

can you feel me getting closer?
baring down with every breath and i am getting under your skin.

go and tell me that i'm smarter than this,
that you're dangerous and i should turn away and run.
do you realize what you're asking me is to second-guess the notions in my heart?
i think you're taking me forgranted here.
i'm vulnerable and you have me on my knees. rest assured you're driving me insane.

Lyrics Brittany Garrison Music Brittany Garrison, Michael Garrison
Producer Michael Garrison Publisher Digitek Publishing, BMI
Performance Programming- David Reilly Addl Guitars-Dave Trusso
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