No Sin

Song Length 3:52 Genre Pop - Rock


No Sin

their eyes are dimming, losing their faith in me.
concerns that i have lost myself in fighting desperately.
why don't you just move on? why can't you just see?
these questions thrown around are cruelly drowning, killing me.
and why can't i get past you?
i feel it's time you know.

i beg no forgiveness. i am innocent. i won't give in. love's no sin.

you know, i believed you. how stupid could i be?
believed that i would never see you lose your fire for me.
you're so into this. you're so into me.
thinking that i would always have you there defending me.
and where has it all gone to? well i refuse to go.

there's a box where i keep ashes of all that i believed to be forever, lasting, never falling apart. that's where i leave you now. and it's so hard to remember the battles fought, but i remember winning.

Lyrics Brittany Garrison Music Brittany Garrison, Michael Garrison, Damien Cornwell, David Reilly
Producer Michael Garrison Publisher Digitek Publishing, BMI
Performance Drums-Ben Juul Addl' Guitars-Eric Speeth
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