Song Length 3:49 Genre Pop - Rock



stagnating scene.
a tired direction causes these anemic dreams
and i am weary.
and i'm not really positive my blood still even works
because i'm fighting
to keep myself from running dry.
my intentions coincide with capillaries swelling and it's so sad to view this glow as just a phase.

that's alright. that's okay.
it was nothing but love anyway.
i don't mind all this pain.
it was nothing but love anyway.

watching vainly, i see a world in disconnected tones. so starved of feeling
and i am failing.
all of my philosophy on always being strong has up and left me,
theories feigning any change.

so caught red handed in being naieve and i've been called out on everything.
these deceptions reveal i'm damned to believe in forever.

Lyrics Brittany Garrison Music Brittany Garrison, Michael Garrison
Producer Michael Garrison Publisher Digitek Publishing, BMI
Performance Drums-Ben Juul Addl' Guitars-Eric Speeth
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