Killer [Killer]

Song Length 3:05 Genre Pop - Rock


Killer [Killer]

so sick and tired of this scene.
where am i from and what's my name?
i thought i'd feel like i had conquered all.
i want so bad to be the city lights that splay across your face tonight.

go on, take your release and eat my heart out.
you fly fast through the vein to eat my heart out.

last night i had a crazy dream where i caught bullets with my teeth.
i couldn't help but think of you and i.
oh killer, killer, raise my body from the ground
and match your mouth to mine.

my blood runs black through me and i'm cursing your name to the stars. as far as i can see, you're burying me.

Lyrics Brittany Garrison Music Lryics and Music by Brittany Garrison and Michael Garrison
Producer Michael Garrison Publisher Digitek Publishing, BMI
Performance Drums-Ben Juul Addl Guitars-Eric Speeth & Adam Bird

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