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You are a star to me, forever. I admit I wouldn't have found you if not for my attachment to David Reilly music... But hopefully that is a good thing that somehow his music brought me to yours. I wish I could speak to you, in person. You are a damn good artist, and I hear what you are doing... Pray one day I could write you a song. ;)

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please feel free to contact me if you want to talk music sometime. i would love to pick your brain... my email is or just gimme a buzz on the cell phone if your not shy ;) 3307801871. I'm from Ohio. Akron. I play gigs... I want to book far away... it might be a long shot, but maybe you'll be compelled to surprise me, lol if im lucky!!! :P if not that is totally fine, just remember to stay in the creative mode, it's way way better than the alternatives!

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