Song Length 4:08 Genre Pop - Rock



I'm going back and forth between conclusions that my memory
is not only a force to be reckoned with it's killing me
And I am simply human and I'm holding my ability
to turn back on everyone and plan from singularity

But one things for sure I'm falling in love with this idea that's been consuming me
This eye behind my eyes

Rest assured the world is the same as it was five feet ago
Eyes fixed straight ahead on an atmosphere neat and bright

No blood beneath my fingernails
No neon blinking signs
Any doctrine of belief I follow is just fine
No protest and no struggle
Just one procession line
Searching for obsolvement and an antidote for time

Cuz' it's so much prettier
Looking forward and my shoulder posing as a brace for hands
never a canvas for broken hearts

Lyrics Brittany Garrison Music Brittany Garrison, Michael Garrison
Producer Michael Garrison Publisher Digitek Publishing, BMI
Performance Piano- John Kanazawich Drums-Tim Grimaldi

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