In a Corner of the Garden

Story Behind The Song

My little granddaughter was fascinated by fairies,, trolls, tomte, gnomes, nis etc. In Denmark people put a bowl of rice and milk out to the nis, or 'little people' on Christmas Eve, and the nis put presents in the children's shoes in December. So here is my song about them.

Song Description

Is it a mole that lives in the hole? no Is it a family of mice? no Is it a slithery snake? no Is it an old toad? no. I've got it - it is rabbits, but no, it is not rabbits either. It is the Nis living in splendor underneath the shrubbery. The offer to leave if I don't believe in them, but I invite them to stay - for I do believe in the Nis.

Song Length 5:18 Genre Unique - Children, Unique - General
Tempo Tempo Undefined Lead Vocal Female Vocal
Mood Enchanting, Sociable Subject General, Fun
Similar Artists Adele, Celine Dion Language English
Era 2000 and later


In a corner of the garden
There appeared a little hole
And I wondered who might live there
It could be a little mole
But a mole makes mounds and mounds
There were no mounds in our garden
There was just that little hole
Leading down beneath the ground

It made me shiver when I thought
That a snake might well live there
Slither down into the dark
Careful never to be caught
By the birds that hover here
Looking out for tasty morsels
Calling out their sharp 'cark cark'
While the snake smiles in the dark

Or the hole could be the doorway
To the house of little mice
Mama mouse and papa mouse
And the little mousie kids
In their nest so warm and nice
Little mice can sleep all day
After dark they scamper round
Very fast so they're not found

It could even be the hide
Of an old and warty toad
Sitting tight and snug to bide
Time till bugs that shun the light
Creep out in the dark of night
Toad is slow, the passage tight
But when he starts gobbling bugs
Such a toad can eat a load

Then the hole began to grow
And I thought, aha, I know
There's a rabbits' den in there
Rabbits burrow under ground
I was sure that now I'd found
Who was digging tunnels here
Underneath the flower bed
That was where the tunnel led

When I then bent down to hear
I heard faint but very clear
Lovely music, voices singing
Sounds of bells of silver ringing
And a very little man
Said, "I hope you understand
If you don't believe we're here
We I will quickly disappear"

"If you know of nis and fairies
We will very gladly stay
We may nibble a few berries
But we'll watch you night and day
Help with finding things you lose
And put presents in your shoes
In return you must be nice
And remember we like rice"

Well of course I let them stay
They're still here this very day
They're a merry, jolly bunch
And I have a real hunch
That they live in luxury
Underneath the shrubbery
That the little hole I found
Leads to wonders underground

Beautiful vocals and good subject matter, especially for children - I really like the rhythm guitar as well. The recording sounds professional.

Crystal clear, pretty vocals. I could understand every word. Engaging intro with interesting guitar work. Loved it when the piano kicked in. The premise for your song/story is a good one. The impression I get is that you first wrote a children's book and decided to see if you could turn it into a song. Your instrumentation is beautiful. Nicely done! PS. My favorite part was the leprechaun. I knew it was coming!

Lyrics Birthe Noer Myers Music Beatrix Greiner
Producer Birthe Noer Myers Publisher Birthe Noer Myers
Performance Molly Parker-Myers Label A Friendly Talk

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