The Swamp

Story Behind The Song

I deplore the desecration of nature and wild life habitat.

Song Description

A group of developers crash a town meeting and promise prosperity in exchange for town's swamp. Town takes offense and sends them back home by train - slow train.

Song Length 2:46 Genre Folk - Contemporary, Folk - Alternative
Tempo Tempo Undefined Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Irate, Exultant Subject Town, Village, Pollution
Similar Artists Johnny Cash, Bob Dylan Language English
Era 2000 and later



A flock of very noisy men
met as arranged at ten to ten.
They piled into a fleet of cars,
And drove off puffing big cigars.
Parked behind the rail road station
in the town of destination.

The meeting hall was up the street.
With rubber soles on silent feet,
they snuck up to the double door,
and flung it open with a roar.
People fainted left and right,
others paled and just sat tight,

as the noisy men burst in,
crying, "You will never win!
A power plant and toxic dump
will soon replace your useless swamp.
We're here to make the town repent
you ever tried to make a dent

in saving forests, swamps and fields
and keeping us from making deals,
and drill and mine and build and use
the hills and forests as we choose.
Our plans promote prosperity
for now, into posterity."

People had heard quite enough,
and cried, as anger made them tough,
"STOP! Our swamp is not for sale!"
The noisy men turned red, then pale.
Before they knew it they were brought
back to the station where they thought

they'd get into their fleet of cars
and drive home, puffing big cigars.
But they were forced to go by train,
and had to wait in driving rain.
The train took very long to come,
and there were only seats for some.

The seats were hard, the floor was worse,
days later all the men would curse
if swamps came up in conversation.
But there was happy celebration
back in the town where all the cars
still stood and reeked of big cigars.

The frogs and birds out in the swamp
were saved from power plant and dump
for now.........

A good solid story song!, reminded me of Zappa at times. Perfect instrumentation for the feel of the story, good vocal performance, honest and confidently sung. I really liked the way the acoustic guitar and percussion held the whole thing together, great driving tempo and rhythm. Thanks I enjoyed this song a great deal. Good luck.

Ha! Loved this song. What fun... raw, loosey-goosey & clever. Interesting storyline. Loved the "free-form" nature of the tale. I'm a big fan of The Band....this is right there....

Interesting story line in this day and age; perhaps a true story?

I thought this sounded more country than contem folk, has some potential. I could hear this in the background of a movie in a juke box.

Funny, but with a message in the true folk way, great job

This was a fun comedic song. It was fun and made me giggle. It sounded kind of country.

I love the vibe/overall feel of this - not to mention the environmental message and storytelling. Great lyrics! And they're really rolled along by the instrumentation - really comes over well in recording terms, too.

A very funny song with a powerful narrative. Great to hear a song about environmental and social issues with implications about business ethics and corporate greed that nonetheless makes you giggle. Loved it. The music is strong; the lyrics are witty and purposeful; the idea is expressed in an original way. You almost feel you could translate this song directly into a comedy film script.

unusual arrangement strangely appealing sounds instrument wise

Lyrics Birthe Noer Myers Music Dave Lefever
Producer Birthe Noer Myers Publisher Birthe Noer Myers
Performance Corty Byron Label Have you met the wild Hyoties

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