The Crow

Story Behind The Song

Good art takes talent as well as determination and hard work.

Song Description

The crow wants to sing, but does not have a singing voice, and no amount of practice or determination can create a beautiful voice for him.

Song Length 4:03 Genre Folk - Contemporary, Unique - Children
Tempo Tempo Undefined Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Irate, Glad Subject Town, Village, Pollution
Similar Artists Johnny Cash, Bob Dylan Language English
Era 2000 and later



On a mild, sunny day
at the end of May
a crow sat in a tree
above a table set for tea
where women in flowery hats sat,
and talked to each other about what
the children at the table should do,
what careers they ought to pursue.

The crow heard it all
though the tree was tall,
it was said in a very loud voice,
'It is only a matter of choice.
what you set your mind to you can get!
If your will is strong and your heart is set,
there's no limit to what you can do,
it only depends on you.'

The crow thought a while
and began to smile,
he hadn't known that before.
there was nothing he ever had wanted more
than to sing, really sing like a songbird.
The Finches and Wrens and Starlings he heard
could sing, and the Robin too,
While caw was the best he could do

'I gave up too soon,'
I must find a new tune
it's my choice there's no doubt about that.
If I practice maybe I'll not sound so flat,
and some day I will sing Baron Zeta
in Lehar's Merry Widow operetta.
There's no limit to what you can do,
it only depends on you.

The Crow sang caw-caw
and once more caw-caw,
it wasn't at all like Lehar,
the Crow's voice could not go that far.
The strongest mind and a focused heart
are just is not enough to make it art;
a nightingale sings with the beautiful voice
he was born with, not from choice

well I tried thought the Crow,
but I wonder now
if the children who were at the tea
Have discovered what's quite clear to me:
Our hopes can be high
but we cannot deny
there are things only few can do,
you're lucky if one of them's you.

love this , quirky unpredictable lyrics. beautiful guitar and violin. love it when the violin kicks in after the first verse. vocal is interesting and wonderfully off hand. very interesting song. not what you would expect from average folk music.

I like the storytelling in this song. Good lyric structure. The instrumentation definitely makes the song warm and flowing.

I really like this... the lyric is great... I like the fairytale kind of lyric.

The instruments are very cool. Great violin. Pretty good guitar too!

I like the the rhythm guitar and the flute like instrument. Interesting song, and very deep.

The idea seems whimsical and poignant. Both lyrics and the arrangement conjure up a pleasant sleepy summer's day on which someone is telling us a story. We feel a little sad for the crow but in some way nonetheless content that it learned something from the experience.

love it, very clever and oddly cool

Good arrangement. Good storytelling. Liked the violin. Your voice is easy on the ear. Endearing song. Well done.

Absolutely beautiful........great lyrics.......very pretty can be very proud of this one.....

What a wonderful song!!! If you want to be entertained, listen to this. Clever story. Nice message. Great lyrics which are well-crafted. Beautiful arrangement. Lovely melody. Great meld between music and message. Great recording and entertaining vocal.

Excellent quirky song. Interesting lyrics, great arrangement beautifully played and recorded. The balance between the guitar parts and the violin is spot on and keeps the interest throughout.

Lyrics Birthe Noer Myers Music Dave Lefever
Producer Birthe Noer Myers Publisher Birthe Noer Myers
Performance Dave Lefever Label Have you met the wild Hyoties
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