Story Behind The Song

A dog is a dog, not a toy.

Song Description

Amberforth runs away from home and finds a place where he is treated like a dog. He likes to jump up and bark at the door.

Song Length 3:16 Genre Folk - Contemporary, Folk - Contemporary
Tempo Tempo Undefined Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Charming, Content Subject Dogs, Comedy, Funny
Language English Era 2000 and later



Matilda bought a little dog
From a special dog catalog
She fed him tidbits of steak rare and red
And with lace she lined his sweet little bed.

Matilda brushed his golden hair
and talked a lot about how rare
he was, from far away in the north,
that's why she named him Amberforth.

Matilda made him little hats,
she bought him coats and matching spats
in a very becoming shade of brown.
and took him with her into town

There Amberforth saw to his great surprise
big dogs, and little, and some of his size.
He'd always thought he was quite unique
A phenomenon, rare like a fine antique.

And Amberforth began to ponder:
Should he keep on being a wonder
or stop acting like a phenomenon
and just be a dog and have some fun.

He didn't know how long he'd enjoy
being less like a real dog than a toy:
Never bark, never dig, never even play.
Maybe it was best if he ran away.

Mathilda wouldn't want him around
if he began to act like a hound.
So Amberforth ran far away
and found a better place to stay

with people who liked him and called him Nate,
and fed him dog food and thought he was great
Nate liked to jump up and bark at the door
And when he was bushed he'd sleep on the floor.
And snore!

how original nice a bee????

What do I know about children's songs? I think you have to listen with a whole different head on! I'm guessing that this would go down pretty well with kids. Good instrumentation, the vocal works, and the lyrics tell a tale.

Very good arrangement and use of all the instruments, coming in at different spots and adding to the experience. Great recording and performances. Gotta love the story of Nat! Enjoyed this tune a lot.

I think the song is cute and has a good story line. I also like the bass guitar at the end.

Unpretencious little story about a dog. Quite funny and quite original. The narrative holds us and to a pleasant degree our emotions are engaged. It has a satisfying ending. Musically, it is also warm and appealing - kept quite simple so that the music doesn't crowd the story.

nice clear guitar work. kinda old fashioned brit style folk to my ear--not a bad thing. kinda a kids vibe as well. i'd like to hear the instrumentation only of this, think it has some sales/licensing potential there.

Great recording.....imposing vocal.......nice tongue in cheek lyric....

Nice little "ditty" 6/8 with cute lyrics. Very good instrumentation and the parts are just right, nothing over done. Great production with the instruments tucked in just right. Vocal recording sounds very clean, very out front but god for this style. Nice bass playing.

Nice composition with a compelling story. The vocal works very well with the story/song. Good and tasteful arrangement that is well recorded. I enjoyed listening.

Lyrics Birthe Noer Myers Music Dave Lefever
Producer Birthe Noer Myers Publisher Birthe Noer Myers
Performance Dave Lefever Label Birthe Noer Myers and Dave Lefever

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