Today my feet don't touch the ground

Story Behind The Song

A young girl - a girl of any age, really, has just found out that her love is reciprocated. The he can be changed to she to be sung by a male.

Song Description

The singer (girl or boy) is so happy to be loved by the loved one that her/his feet don't touch the ground. The rhyme scheme has the same ending of EEEE in the last three lines of each verse.

Song Length 2:23 Genre Folk - Contemporary, Pop - Dance
Lead Vocal Female Vocal Mood On Cloud Nine, Joyful
Subject Joy, Madly In Love Language English
Era 2000 and later


Today my feet don't touch the ground
everything has turned around.
I am I but not the me
I was yesterday, for he
whom I've loved so long loves me.

He has beauty past compare,
and his soul is fine and rare,
jubilations - he loves me,
like a lovely reverie
I love him and he loves me.

Let it rain and storm and snow
on the mountains and below,
I am loved, I know that he
loves me, and he has the key
to my heart, my love loves me.

Listening to Nightingales,
he and I will set our sails,
steer our ship across the sea
to the land of love where we
will be happy, I and he.

Underneath the silver moon
Sailing through the night we'll soon
Find the coast, and there will be
Flowers blooming in each tree
Songbirds warbling merrily.

Good catchy song with a bouncy well balanced arrangement. Well performed and recorded with a really good vocal. Nice harmony and key change with an interesting 'toy piano instrument track. Thanks, this was interesting, good luck.

I LOVE this song.....First song of the day for me.... My head is bobbing like I am in the back seat of a ragtop cruising in the sun, with Mrs. Kate at the wheel.... What fun! First rate song!
Perfect genre....I also love the double meaning to the song. It could be about some one the singer loves AND it could be about our GREAT BUDDY, Jesus!

Funny and very enjoyable song. Inventive in sound and tightly woven in text. The song suited the singer's voice and skills very well and was economical in its execution (ie. it was just the right length - anymore and it could have lost its shine, any less and it wouldn't have made its point)

really nice vocals and vocal harmonizing. well written. great job!

Just made me smile from start to finish.......really nice tune....great harmonics....

Cute song. Catchy melody. Sweet vocals with nice harmonies. Well-crafted lyrics. Nice track.

Fun song loved the sound of a childs piano. Really nice harmonies fast paced kept my interest through out. It pays too listen all the way through a song you never know what will surprise you. Thanks for the ride.

happy little song, very melodic, nice harmonies

Lyrics Birthe Noer Myers Music Dave Lefever
Producer Birthe Noer Myers Publisher Birthe Noer Myers
Performance Loretta Bilieux Label Have you met the wild Hyoties

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